Kanye West on Billboard Power 100 cover

Kanye West is, naturally, a part of a powerful trio on the cover of Billboard’s annual Power 100 issue, dedicated to the most profitable and, well, powerful people in the music industry. Lucian Grainge, the Chairman/CEO of Universal Music Group, and one of ‘Ye’s favorite artists Lana Del Rey join him on the cover.

The execs who rule music now? Just follow the money, where new No. 1 Lucian Grainge keeps grabbing market share (while upending every business model), 31 first-timers break into the list and innovation — not fear — is now the force propelling these players forward.

Here is the full list of the execs and big-name industry heads you should get to know.

Lucian Grainge, Lana Del Rey, & Kanye West

Meanwhile, Kanye cryptically tweeted a link to yeezy.supply earlier today and it indicates a countdown culminating on February 12th — the reported release date, revealed yesterday, of his adidas collection. adidas also released a sign up for instant news to the collection over at adidas.com/us/kanye.

So yeah, it’s going to be a busy week for Mr. West starting on Sunday at the Grammys.

Kendrick Lamar supports Iggy Azalea

She’s doing her thing. Let her. People have to go through trials and tribulations to get where they at. Do your thing, continue to rock it, because obviously God wants you here.

– Kendrick Lamar

Nice, peaceful words in a time of heavy criticisms and attacks on Iggy Azalea. This was one of the eye-raising quotables in Kendrick’s latest cover story with Billboard. The full story is on newsstands now, with the only other excerpt on the Grammys below.

I appreciate [the Grammys] recognizing me. That’s not my overall goal… It’s best to just go and enjoy the festivities.

UPDATE: Here’s a link to the full cover story.


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Krewella’s Jahan Yousaf on cyber-bullying

Jahan has broken her silence on the Rain Man lawsuit and in the process made an important statement on modern-day societial issues, especially when it comes to cyber-bullying and sexism.

I thought it was especially powerful given the intense criticism her and her sister Yasmine received after Rain Man’s lawsuit went public. Here’s a couple snippets of the op-ed piece Jahan wrote for Billboard, titled ‘Deadmau5 Saved Me From Going Into Porn’.

This isn’t just about deadmau5 or porn. It’s about sex, media and humanity. After 10 months of being removed from social media, this highly publicized lawsuit has lured me out of my cave. “Highly publicized,” meaning it was embarrassingly the No. 1 trending topic on Facebook, disseminated by TMZ, and received coverage by almost every single dance music blog. I did not participate or respond to the Krewella breakup chatter. I just stalked the fuck out of myself, read comments, and played the voyeur like Peeping Tom. Can someone please create an algorithm for how many times the words “whore” and “krewella” are used in the same sentence online?? These are just a few of the hundreds I collected:

Some of you are probably laughing at these comments, as I did at first. But hell, I can’t even fake a smile right now. This sickens me, because the way we participate in Internet dialogue mirrors our attitude as a society. And what I see in that reflection is an immense amount of hatred and intolerance for one another. It’s time to smash the fuckin’ mirror. I have been silent for too long. I am relapsing after avoiding social media to share what I have learned and to encourage people to challenge and question what they read/hear/see from now on, and that goes for situations beyond our case, whether it’s politics or celebrity gossip. The sad part is that it is 2014, and people are still passively reading headlines for face value, parroting the words of celebrities, and jumping on the bandwagon of popular opinion. I don’t see enough people challenging the intolerance that deadmau5 preaches to his 3 million followers, researching beyond the headlines they read, or protesting against the derogatory dialogue that circulates on social networks.

Jahan also addresses her one-time relationship with Rain Man and overall, shares how her personal experiences and examples can serve for improvement and inspiration to the young generations in this digital information age. The entire piece is a well-written, important read here.

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Nicki Minaj covers Billboard

The new Billboard cover star is none other than Nicki Minaj and with the cover above also comes a new interview hyping up The Pinkprint. An excerpt below.

Minaj doesn’t only measure herself against, or take inspiration from, other women. She’s a leading voice in male-dominated hip-hop. And The Pinkprint — the title of which nods to JAY Z’s The Blueprint– will likely have an outsized impact as hip-hop fans search for releases to rally around in a fallow year for the genre. “I’m not mad at where hip-hop’s at,” she says. “It’s in a more playful place.” Still, she continues, “it’s corny when rappers feel like they’ve made it and they don’t have to prove themselves anymore. You should always be competing. You should always be trying to show that you’re the best. My album is going to be important to hip-hop.”

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Krewella Lollapalooza Recap

Days 2 and 3 at Lolla this year had a heavy Chicago feel. Playing their part was Krewella, who headlined Day 2 of the Perry’s Stage and put on quite a phenomenal show featuring a 1 hour and 15 second mix of their hits spliced with hip hop like A$AP Rocky’s “Fuckin’ Problems” and Ludacris’ “How Low Can You Go?”. All of this was taken to another level as they incorporated the huge stage of multiple video screens with lights, smoke, and lasers that extended well out into the field where we were standing for these pics.


Krew. CHI. | Photo: Sgt. Tibs @gowherehiphop
Krew. CHI. | Photo: Sgt. Tibs @gowherehiphop

Look at Krewella puttin’ on for the Chi. Various times throughout their set, the sisters Jahan and Yasmine spoke from the heart, saluting the most beautiful city in the world with all of their family and close friends in attendance for their biggest performance to date in their hometown. It made their rendition of “Alive” at the end even that much more special (they wrote the song 3 miles away from Grant Park.)

The one official video clip of their set is below via Billboard, and stay tuned with the Krew as in-house videographer Miles Evert was also on hand documenting the performance. I was also able to find a very HQ audio rip of the entire 75 minutes and perfectly time a drop on Vine — both below the video. Fun to relive for me as I’ll instantly be able to recall the wind from the booming sound rushing at my face from such a distance and the vibration of the crowd jumping up and down on the ground.



Lastly, Yasmine and Jahan sat down with Billboard to talk about coming home for Lollapalooza and also shed some light on their hotly anticipated sophomore album. We’ll be tuned in as 2015 is shaping up to be even bigger for Krewella.

We keep writing songs, and songs we loved two months ago now will never make the album. We’re taking maybe 50 percent of the next four months off to really crank the second album out and focus on it, and try to finish birthing it.
– Yasmine

Drake: Most #1 Singles on Billboard

^ Drake finding out about his achievement today.

Now, this is crazy to think about. Drake broke onto the mainstream scene with So Far Gone in 2009. Since then, he’s racked up 14 (fourteen) #1 singles on Billboard‘s R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay charts, either his or being a featured guest, which passes Usher‘s career mark of 13 this week as Lil Wayne & Drake’s “Believe Me” is the new #1. The 14 #1 singles are the highest for one artist in the chart’s 22-year history.

Keep winnin’ Drizzy. *waits on “Believe Me” video*

J. Lo covers Billboard

Whoa, J-Lo! Indeed.

The forty-four year old singer covers the new Billboard Magazine and sizzles in a complete new photo spread above, all in anticipation of her upcoming album, A.K.A. dropping this summer. They’re all sexy photos, but how ’bout that red in both the attire and lipstick?

Don’t forget to also check out her new *Tibs Fav. collab with Nas called “Troubeaux” that samples hip hop classic “T.R.O.Y.”.