BK Bambino “Right Now”

New Chicago rapper BK Bambino made a favorable first impression with The Trailer EP last month and one of the high-octane tracks on that 4-track collab with producer D. Phelps was “Right Now”.

And naturally, for a pump up song that repeats “I’m the hottest thing out here right now,” BK Bambino shoots the visual in the Salton Sea and Slab City near the Mexico border. The video is an engaging viewing simply because of the unique scene and the colorful attire that BK Bambino dons for the proper face time. Watch above, directed by Nick Brazinsky, before finding out more.

BK Bambino ‘The Trailer EP’

Following RollingStone’s direction of 10 artists we need to know in March, after noticing Chicago got some love with the insertion of Goodbye Tomorrow (as I acclaimed all throughout here), I also noticed Chicago got even more love. BK Bambino is a new Windy City emcee, 20 years old and possessing an infectious, high energy throughout his new 4 track EP and fun music video for “Sheriff” all below.

I suggest you get to know him too as he dons a fun sheriff costume throughout the Chi in a track that is littered with memorable one-liners (loved his Kobe name-drop, for instance.) I also L3’d (low level laughter… shoutout #TheStarters) at the many fun scenes of him in the costume. Naturally, the video led me to the EP for more, which was a pleasant, and fuller 4 track introduction to BK Bambino.

He comes out firing with the Intro and it’s not just a 1 minute thing either… an actual full track. After “Sheriff”, “Right Now” and the title track “Trailer” follow the same mood with a lot of credit going to producer D. Phelps for the fresh sounds on all 4 tracks. D. Phelps is a frequent Vic Mensa collaborator, which led to some help for Kanye’s upcoming album too. Get to know his stylings with BK Bambino as the two make for a natural fit and should get the party vibes going tonight, this weekend, and beyond. Watch/listen below!