Blake Griffin lefty alley oop vs. Nuggets

This is a ‘Wow!’ play, even for Blake Griffin. I didn’t even catch how he picked up the ball between his legs before the set up for the full extension alley oop with the off-hand. Just about a week away, folks!

BONUS: Also last night, Cavs guard Matthew Dellavedova plays successful, yet silly defense on Dirk Nowitzki.

Really Doe f/ Gaggie “Blake Griffin”

An NBA Player as the song title catches my attention about 99% of the time, but that said, with Really Doe at the helm, it’s a full 100. He and Gaggie collab for a tough new record titled after the high-flying NBA All-Star Blake Griffin. It’s a strongly delivered record with a hard-knock streets attitude on the chorus. My favorite highlight is a subtle one of the high melody added in the background through the verses.


Here’s my other favorite “Blake Griffin” highlight:

h/t FSD

Drake hosts the ESPYs [Videos]

‘Drake & Blake’, Drake introduces Floyd Mayweather, “Honorable Mention”, “Side Pieces” with a surprise of Brian McKnight, Drake as Manny Pacquiao, Drake meets Skylar Diggins… All hilarious. (Except for #SterlingNeverLovedUs… kinda awk.)

Drake be winnin’.

ICYMI, I separated the intro — watch Drake’s Monologue here. (#LanceCam)

Maria Sharapova & Floyd Mayweather
Maria Sharapova & Floyd Mayweather
“Wow” – Michelle Beadle, reacting to the appearance of Brian McKnight

Friend zone.
Friend zone.


Skylar's boyfriend when she comes home...
Skylar’s boyfriend when she comes home…
The internet — you can always count on it.
The internet — you can always count on it.
New couple alert!
New couple alert!

Saving the most serious and my favorite speech of the night… Stuart Scott receives the Jimmy V. Award.

NBA Signature Shoes fused with Rap Albums

Bball and rap come together yet again in the form of these original illustrations by designer Patso Dimitrov. He re-imagined your favorite superstar’s signature shoe with a colorway that matches the scheme of your favorite rap album, past or present.

As you’ll see in the gallery above, you get some natural fusions like LeBron with Kanye & Jay‘s Watch The Throne, D. Rose with Chance‘s Acid Rap, and Blake Griffin taking flight in some NWTS J’s.

My two favorites — well, one, how can you knock the Chicago D. Rose 4.5 ‘Acid’? The purples of the Acid Rap cover instantly yield towards a fresh, unique shoe colorway. The other top tier fave is KD‘s Magna Carta Holy Grail shoe, purely because of the cross out on the ‘KD’. Slick move, Patso. Tweet him your favorite.

h/t Hooped Up

Blake Griffin putback dunk vs. Warriors

Ain’t nobody dope as me, I’m just so fresh, so clean.

Can’t help but think of the OutKast hit when I see the cleanest, most powerful putback dunk, possibly ever. Blake Griffin does it again above the rim tonight, but how about his season everywhere else? Marked improvement for the former #1 overall pick and I’m happy to see that because now, the Clips are pretty legitimate title contenders.

Blake Griffin alley-oop vs. Lakers

Whoo. I damn near reacted like the first row when I saw this from my home. This ferocious, fluid dunk is made better by Mitch Kupchak’s bleek outlook on life. Ha! Must be weird to be a basketball fan in L.A. nowadays…

Blake Griffin: 2Pac Fan

A quick funny video to break up your day as this weekend revealed that Blake Griffin is definitely a 2Pac fan. Here he is in a fourth quarter timeout, singing the chorus to “California Love” as Sasha Vujacic sits next to him debating whether or not to join in. He’s a new Clippers teammate, still feeling his way out. Ha! Enjoy.