Lil Wayne f/ Drake “Believe Me”

Believe me, this one’s fire.

OK, I’ll see myself out.

UPDATE: CDQ/Mastered.

Wayne, Drake, produced in lethal fashion by Boi-1da and Vinylz. Drizzy kicks it off and spits the hook — both of the high quality of his recent solo releases. But that’s not all from Drake. Before he comes back, Weezy spits a nice verse from beginning to end. The first few lines and the latter half particularly shine. Then the beat slows down for more raps from Drake, then Wayne. Unique structure, and though I like the first half of the 5:39 song more, I’m going to have this rollin’ all the way through. Add this one to the rotation, it will fire ya up for Carter V.

I’m the only one that get the job done, I don’t know a n**** that can cover for me.
Got some game from my daddy, so she might say she love me, she don’t love me like she say she love me.
Believe me, believe me.  I’m the n**** boy they love me in the street.
I’m not tryin’ to find nobody else to be. I’m the one they see because they all..
Believe me.

– Drake’s latest fire hook

*Tibs Fav.

ORIGINALLY POSTED: 05.02.14 11:36p

Drake “Draft Day”

You should’ve followed all my moves, youAnnotate won’t realize ’til after
And if I left shit to chance I would’ve picked a name like Chance the Rapper
No offense cause I don’t know that nigga

I’m focused on makin’ records and gettin’ bigger
Just hits, no misses, that’s for the married folk
Tell ’em fix my suite up cause I’m comin’ home
I heard they talkin’ crazy, I was out of town
You know they love to pop all that shit when I’m not around

The Johnny Manziel bromance continues and Drake addresses Chance, and Jay Z perhaps? *nods head*, in successive lines above on this Lauryn Hill-sampled track. It’s this “Doo Wop” sample put on by Boi-1da, Syk, & Ducko McFli that becomes the perfect backdrop for Drake to put on his rap cap and fire out a fury of boastful lines. I thought it was well-executed all the way around and find myself nodding to this one and laughing at Drake’s choice for the cover art. Ha! Manziel isn’t the only draft day prospect getting a hat tip in the song; Drake also shouts out his fellow Toronto-bred homie Andrew Wiggins, who officially declared for the NBA Draft on Monday. Tweet us what you think of Drake’s new track!

NOTE: The Jay Z sublims are a response to the Jay’s recent lines in the new “We Made It” with Jay Electronica.

*Tibs Fav.