Trey Burke game-winner vs. Magic

Last night’s highlight in the L: Trey Burke hitting another big shot in March. This year for the Utah Jazz as he takes a wicked bounce pass from Gordon Hayward to hit the game-winning trey (pun intended). The drama for this shot was great, especially given that the Jazz honored the 1983-84 team at halftime so their legends were in the house.

One bonus highlight: how about Michael Kidd-Gilchrist’s posterization of Meyers Leonard? Filthy.

Kevin Durant buzzer beater vs. Raptors

Cooolllld blooded! *Dave Chappelle voice*

This is really about as cold as it gets. Note that the Thunder are down 2, it’s the second overtime, KD has 48 points at this point, and where he pulls up from for the heart-stealing dagger. Plus, everyone’s reaction (and Durant’s lack of one) is absolutely perfect. Simply a Hollywood-quality ending.

Klay Thompson game-winner vs. Pacers

Game tied, Warriors ball. Who do they go to? Steph Curry, of course.

Nope! Curry was struggling so they called a play for the other Splash Brother, Klay Thompson, who had 14 in the 4th up until this shot: a fadeaway that Michael Jordan himself would be proud of as it gives the Warriors a big win on the road vs. the East’s top squad. Watch the buzzer beater unfold above.

LeBron James buzzer beater 3 vs. Warriors

LeBron‘s submission for the best buzzer beater of the season. What a game from start to finish. Bron hit a clutch 3 with less than two minutes to go; Steph Curry and an and-1 that put the Warriors up before LeBron finished off the Warriors for good. But wow, this 3 was just icing on the cake for how good LeBron was during the entire game. Gotta hand it to him.

UPDATE: Of course the internets are quick with the GIF of the simultaneously crushed and impressed Warriors fan.