N*E*R*D “Squeeze Me”

Leave it to Spongebob to bring about the return of N*E*R*D. Pharrell, Chad Hugo, and Shay dropped some new music last month for the upcoming movie with “Squeeze Me” above.

Today, the trio gets Spongebob’d in an animated video for the kiddies. The theme follows suit on 2 new tracks they provided for the soundtrack below. Easy listening, sure (especially the last one, though it’s from the perspective of a squirrel) but these are the same guys who made “Lapdance” once upon a time. These tracks remove that hip, edge to N*E*R*D. But as Jalen Rose would say… keep gettin ‘dem checks!

N*E*R*D “Squeeze Me”

N*E*R*D is back!

It’s been 4 years but of all things it’s the Spongebob Movie that will host a new track from Pharrell, Chad Hugo, and Shay.

As you may then assume, “Squeeze Me” is along the vibe of “Happy” and not some of N*E*R*D’s harder tracks. I prefer the latter from the trio so this one didn’t click right away. Hopefully this is a sign of more material to come from N*E*R*D though…


New N*E*R*D album on the way?

It feels good to be back in London. When we released our first album back in 2001 and first crossed the Atlantic, this was the first place to embrace us. You’re gonna like this shit we’re gonna release…

– Shay at last night’s iTunes Festival in London

Oooh, get ready for some new releases from N*E*R*D as you can read above the loud quotable from Shay of the Pharrell-led trio. P brought out Shay and Chad Hugo during the performance and no doubt the crowd ate that up after the heartfelt words from Shay. As a fan of all their albums, I hope this is the next project after Pharrell’s lady friendly G I R L earlier this year.

Since it’s #TBT…

Pharrell All-Star Game Performance

Before the highest scoring All-Star Game in NBA history, Pharrell opened up the spectacle with a medley performance introducing the NBA All-Stars. He ran through his vast catalogue of hit singles, starting with “Frontin”, and bringing out famous friends and collaborators along the way.

Nelly joined Pharrell for “Hot In Herre”, Busta Rhymes & Diddy together for “Pass The Courvoisier Pt. II”, Snoop Dogg for “Beautiful”, and Chad Hugo for some N*E*R*D “Rock Star” (loved this one). The flow from song to song was especially on point throughout. I was impressed with the band, stage design and lighting as well, giving the performance a bigger feel. After all, it had to match the All-Stars standing on the same stage.

My personal favorite songs/performances: “Frontin'”, “Beautiful” with Snoop rapping very clearly, “Rock Star”, and “Happy” — a song that truly emits joy. Been listening to that Real T@lk rap remix all week! The lone beef I have: that Kyrie Irving’s great second half stole the MVP away from Pharrell’s Red Hat.