Kemba Walker game-winner vs. Pelicans

Cardiac Kemba with his 3rd buzzer beater of the season — tonight coming at home on the honeycomb floor vs. the Pelicans. Just watch how tough this shot is. Gotta love the heart from this undersized guard who’s been doin’ it big ever since leading UConn to the ship. Tonight was his 3rd 30+ point game in a row, leading the Hornets to a 98-94 victory over New Orleans.



Other notable plays tonite: Kyrie Irving doing some Uncle Drew things (albeit in a losing effort), Marc Gasol doing some Larry Bird things (fantastic), and Russell Westbrook dunks on the Kings (again) with Jalen Rose paying homage to the late great Stuart Scott.

Kemba Walker buzzer beater vs. Knicks

Kemba gon Kemba and Knicks gon Knicks.

Love that power dribble and first step by Walker, who is quickly cementing himself as one of the league’s coldest clutch players.

He also did this:

Your friendly reminder that 3 of the 5 Hornets wins this season ended on now two Kemba Walker buzzer beaters and a Lance Stephenson banked 3 buzzer beater. More on this to come…


Lance Stephenson buzzer beater vs. Hawks

More drama in Buzz City as this time it’s Lance Stephenson who sinks his first 3-pointer of the season to propel his new team to a victory in double OT vs. the Hawks. Lance gon’ Lance. Fitting after he said this to Grantland’s Zach Lowe in an interview earlier today.

On a lot of possessions, you’ll be on the weak side behind the 3-point line, someone will swing the ball to you, and you’ll be pretty wide open. But you don’t shoot. You like to hold the ball, survey the floor, and set up for a drive. You shot 35 percent from deep last year. Why don’t you just shoot? They’re good shots!

I’m gonna shoot.

So you’re aware there are some good looks you pass up?

I’m gonna shoot.

One more look via the Hornets IG account — a raw capture from the crowd. These high quality videos are dope. They’re 2 for 2 now, but no MJ in this one.

UPDATE: Whaaat?! The Hornets for some reason deleted the video :-/

Kemba Walker clutch shots vs. Bucks

The first double digit slate of NBA games were tonight and League Pass has their usual free trial 1st week. Between that AND the thrilling Game 7 of the World Series, it was all a lot of awesome to consume.

Starting off the night was the earliest game of the night — Milwaukee visiting Charlotte for the latter’s first official game as the Hornets again. The honey comb floor and the teal jerseys were so lovely to watch (moreso than the Knicks playing offense and defense, that’s for sure). On top of the beautiful aesthetics, the Hornets came back from 24 points in the 2nd half to force overtime, then eventually get the win.

A big reason: Cardiac Kemba!

Above, his game-tying 3 with a second remaining — a pretty, high-arcing shot that you were definitely rooting to go in, and also had the feeling that it actually was.

Below, at the end of overtime, Kemba channels his UConn stepback to beat the shot clock and ultimately win the game with 5 seconds remaining. Ice cold.

Earning that $48 million extension, huh?

This is not even the best part though. Watch the IG to see MJ’s emphatic fist pump reaction below.

UPDATE: A 2K15 superfan already, brilliantly, re-created the game-winner.


BONUS: Miami Heat rookie James Ennis with a Dunk of the Year candidate that may just hold up all season.


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Lance Stephenson “Hot N****”

Love him or hate him, this is Lance Stephenson. Don’t change, Born Ready.

Earlier this summer, Lance made some waves, not only for the Double Lance Cam but for his redux of “Hot N****” that featured some lines about missing the Indiana days before moving onto his new team, the Charlotte Hornets. As the weather stays summery across the most of the country, so does the relevance of “Hot N****” so it’s the perfect time for Lance to drop the music video above.

It features a custom Born Ready neon light tower, Lance in vintage Hornets gear (authentic LJ jersey, naturally), a cameo from new backcourt mate Kemba Walker, and a humorous convo with a random fan as police stopped traffic on the set. Plus, what I like about Lance is that he keeps it real and keeps it loyal as he celebrates with his hood and homies and gives us an unfiltered look at Lance. Just an entertaining video all the way around, and needless to say, I’m excited for Lance in Charlotte.