Bulls Show 141: Draft Musings

SB Nation’s “college basketball dude,” Ricky O’Donnell joins Nillz to discuss possible prospects the Bulls will be considering with the 22nd pick in Thursday’s NBA draft. We also speculate whether the team makes another bold draft day move for the 2nd year in a row.


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ICYMI: Bulls Show 140 — Mitch, Nillz, and E talk the Warriors winning the Finals + Jimmy Butler’s upcoming free agency


Bulls Show 140: Finals Flashback

Nillz, Mitch & E take a look back at the NBA Finals where LeBron impressed even his harshest critics. We also discuss the 2015 Champion Warriors and eventually get to some Bulls news concerning Jimmy Butler’s restricted free agency.


Bulls Show 139: A Mayor Announcement

KC Johnson of the Chicago Tribune stops by to answer some of Nillz‘s questions about the end of the Bulls’ season, Tom Thibodeau’s exit, Fred Hoiberg’s arrival, and other possible Bulls’ offseason plans.


UPDATE: The Fred Hoiberg introductory press conference just wrapped up. K.C. Johnson has a thorough recap of quotes and tidbits on his Twitter feed @KCJHoop.


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Bulls Show #138: Dysfunction Junction

Mitch & Nillz react to the Thibs’ “dismissal,” discuss whether the firing was justified and ridicule the PR nightmare that is the Bulls’ front office. We also briefly look at life with Hoiberg at the helm and preview the upcoming NBA Finals.


Bulls Show 136: Now or Never

Mitch and Nillz try to make sense of the Bulls Game 5 loss and get you ready for what could be Thibs’ last stand.


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Bulls Show 135: LeBuzzer Beater Buzzkill

Ricky O’Donnell joins Nillz to recap the Cavs’ painful & devastating Game 4 victory, sending the series back to Cleveland at 2 games apiece. Bulls squander a golden opportunity, but Ricky and Nillz remain cautiously optimistic that the Bulls can bounce back.


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Photo above via Chicago Tribune

ICYMI: Kanye West performs “All Day” at Game 4

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