Cityscape Chicago II

Photographer Eric Hines is at it again with the most comprehensive timelapse of our beautiful hometown. Simply magnificent as Hines captures the skyline, architecture, the Lake, everything from various angles and heights of buildings we can’t always get to too. Breathtaking. And a great watch for anyone in Chicago, ready to be out under the beautiful night tonight.

Please watch in Fullscreen & HD with sound for best quality.

Cityscape Chicago II is a personal timelapse piece that I have worked on periodically over the past two years. The inspiration behind the project ties similarly with the original piece. As the city of Chicago continues to change, my fascination with it grows as well. The goal for me is always to capture the city in a unique way from new perspectives, and to continue exploring it.

The timelapse sequences in this video were all shot on the Canon 5D Mark III and various lenses. Motion control used in the making of the piece was provided by the Kessler CineDrive and Second Shooter.

“Signaling Through the Flames” by ‘The American Dollar’ |

Lucas Museum designs revealed

As beautiful as Chicago is, emphasis on beautiful, one natural landform the city is missing is a mountain. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a mountain overlooking the skyline?

Well, we’re about to get our first mountain… sort of.

MAD Architects revealed the first look at the designs for the Lucas Museum, set to be the newest addition to Chicago’s Museum Campus on the lakefront. MAD aimed to be “futuristic but at the same time to be natural” with their design being a natural fit with its namesake — George Lucas, famed creator of Star Wars.

I think they succeeded as you can simply tell from the renderings above. The white, curvacious “mountain” not only stands out on its own, but also amongst the other museums along Lake Michigan. Its close proximity to Soldier Field actually creates a cool transition from the older, Ionic columns of the Field Museum, to the renovated Soldier Field that retains their classical columns with the modern “UFO” addition, to the soon-to-be-constructed Lucas Museum that is full on futuristic. I love the bold, radical designs for their aesthetics, but perhaps even moreso for its progressive statement in a city whose architecture continues to highly evolve.

Flat out, just these images of the Lucas Museum ignite the imagination, and that’s without seeing the interior, described very vividly in the ArchDaily interview with MAD Architects director Ma Yansong that accompanied the release of today’s renderings. Yansong gave a ton of amazing quotes and insight about the design. It’s a must-read if you’ve taken the time out to arrive on this page.

When people enter the building they will arrive on the dome level, and they will see this huge space with natural light coming down from the top.

– Ma Yansong, director MAD Architects


JUGRNAUT Presents – Saint Millie: Glory Listening Session 10.26.14

Back on the grind, back on the grind. What seems like forever since I’ve been in the Chicago music scene, I was very excited to start my weekend by attending Saint Millie’s “Glory” Listening Session at Jugrnaut Chicago. In hopes to grab a decent place on the floor and beat the other music heads, I arrived early. However, in typical Chicago fashion shit started later and was already packed by the time I rolled through. Damn. But no matter, didn’t even trip with this nice weather. Just hit up 7/11 and indulge that Vitacoco for that pre-listening party hydration.

Again, when I say the event was packed, it was definitely a tight squeeze to even get a good ear in the store without elbowing another person in the face or balls (if you are short as fuck like me). Nevertheless, the tight venue had no effect on the crowd who waited patiently for Saint Millie to unveil his creative soul child. And for what it was worth, it definitely made the intended weekend impact.

So did Saint Millie deliver? Was it on fleek? Did he use auto tune? Yes, yes, and uh…no, dude ain’t Future. Without spilling too much, the production for his project is definitely worth the listen and exceeded my expectations. With an influx of repetitive beats that seem to be recycled and spit back like bad baby food, Saint Millie is doing the complete opposite. Setting a new vibe that can only be appreciated with tracks like “Smoke Wit Me” and “Sirens”. The production and quality of his tracks are some of the better stuff coming out Chicago. I definitely appreciate the no bullshit gimmick he has with this project along with the level of detail placed to make this project come to life. With clean beats, strong lyricism, and his dynamic presence, Saint Millie is doing things right. So to cap it off, congrats on the completion of your project. I, along with others from Gowherehiphop are very excited to see all your future projects come to life.

Listen Here:

Smoke Wit Me




Open House Chicago 2014 (Photo Recap)

Open House Chicago is an annual event allowing public access to over 150 spots around Chicago including Churches, hotels, executive clubs, private offices, and more. It was my first year getting out for the event, and though I wasn’t able to hit every spot I would’ve like to, it was great getting to see some some new views of Chicago. My first stop was Lake Point Tower.

Lake Point Tower is the only skyscraper east of Lake Shore Drive, allowing views unlike any other vantage point in the city. And unless you live here, or you’re tryna drop a bill on a steak at the restaurant on the top floor, it’s not a view you’ll have the opportunity to catch on the reg. As far as views of Navy Pier and LSD go, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Next on my hit list was the Chicago offices of Perkins and Will, a global architecture and design firm located on the 35th and 36th floors of the glass and steel giant that I will always refer to as the IBM Building (now called 330 N Wabash – lame). Aside from the views out the window, touring the offices of Perkins and Will was a cool experience on its own as the space was filled with laser cut wood models of conceptual designs – designs that are not only practical but also just really fucking cool. And the views, ha, well the views were cool too.

Last, but sure as hell not least, was MDA Apartments. Located downtown at 63 E Lake Street, the 24 story residence and restaurant has pretty much everything you’d ever want on a roof – a small outdoor movie theater, hot tub, grills, indoor and outdoor lounge areas, and spectacular views looking into the heart of the loop.

Wish I had more time to take in some different sites, but decently long lines and a cold kept me from taking more in. Luckily, Open House Chicago comes around every year, so here’s looking forward to 2015.