The Hood Internet “#ChicagoTakeover” [Mixtape]

The Hood Internet has embarked on a “#ChicagoTakeover” as he tours with ShowYouSuck & Auggie The 9th across Europe and drop a small EP in the process. Tracklist below.

1. Megazord (Showyousuck & Auggie the 9th x Trash Talk & The Alchemist)

2. Drifting (Showyousuck, Fluffy & Auggie the 9th x Cibo Matto)

3. Taco Avocado (Hologram Kizzie & Fluffy x Jamie Lidell)

4. Mon Ami (Showyousuck, Auggie the 9th, Hologram Kizzie & Gretta Rochelle of My Gold Mask x Ned Doheny)

5. This Place Is Magic (Fluffy & Hologram Kizzie x Queen)