Chief Keef f/ Future “Who Would’ve Thought”

Who would’ve thought we’d ever see Chief Keef & Future on a track together??

Alright, I tried.

Alas, it’s Chief Keef and Future on a track you’ll either love or will think is annoying based on how you feel about each artist’s delivery.

BONUS: You also get “Aston Martin”, both to appear on the upcoming album, Nobody, due out December 16th.

Migos & Chief Keef squash beef

The Migos x Chief Keef beef is no longer.

The picture above was taken last night as the crews met up, decided that water was under the bridge and Quavo got his chain back.

Good to see. I’m not one for beefs that can possibly escalate beyond the music, and both crews were talkin’ a tough game and I doubt it was just a bluff. Beefs where it’s just diss track after diss track in a purely competitive standpoint though… Those are the fun ones.

Fredo Santana aids GBE in beef with Migos

Migos and GBE’s beef took an expected turn this weekend with Migos in town. GBE member Capo and Migos and his crew were involved in an altercation and some footage was posted here. All camps fired off… some tweets further escalating things, with notably, Fredo Santana entering the fray and telling Migos to stop talkin’ or else. And Fredo’s “or else” really means something. Hopefully things simmer down from here, with tensions at an all-time high.

Meanwhile… new Fredo & Reese and new Chief Keef below.