Childish Gambino on the creative process

Childish Gambino was just featured in a new interview with Billboard and the focus was on the creative process, especially amidst a flurry of different projects that Gambino is involved in. From acting, writing, recording, and touring, Gambino does it all and provides a little insight into how he’s such a good multi-tasker. Salvador Dali then makes sense as a chief inspiration. I’m sure all of us can relate to multi-tasking in some ways… I feel do whatever works for you, whether it’s blending it all together or just focusing on the one thing.

Here’s an excerpt and more from the interview here*:

How I Work
“In my house, I have an empty room: I have my studio there, a whiteboard with the Atlanta scripts, a canvas for painting and all my albums and DJ equipment. I wake up every morning and I start grabbing things — spray-painting the walls, recording, writing. They’re all connected for me. It’s all about trying to get to the bottom of what being a human is.”

My Multihyphenate Hero
“Once for spring break I went to St. Petersburg [Fla.], which is wack, but I wanted to be around old people. (Laughs.) And there’s a Salvador Dali museum there. I wrote a postcard to myself that said, ‘Never forget Dali.’ He would paint, do sculpture, ­architecture, film, photography.”

*Billboard also says Gambino is recording for his third studio album!

Celebs Read Mean Tweets: Music Edition #2

Everyone loves Jimmy Kimmel’s Celebs Read Mean Tweets series and with the Grammys now less than a week away, here’s a music-only edition with hip hoppers like Drake, Childish Gambino, Wiz Khalifa, and Iggy Azalea in the mix with a lot of other big-name musicians.

My favorite of those 4: Wiz’s mean tweet was pretty funny.

Childish Gambino on Jimmy Kimmel Live

The late nite circuit was great for hip hop last night. Hit the previous post for Joey Bada$$ on Fallon and scroll below for Childish Gambino’s 2-song performance of “Sober” and “3005”.

Both songs are catchy and great choices for the late night stage. I enjoyed Gambino’s wilin’ out as “Sober” progressed. I also enjoyed the guitar solo at the end, and the timpani making a powerful appearance in “3005”. Note the timpani.

THC f/ Kent Jamz & Childish Gambino “Perfect”

A new Gambino feature, which is why I tuned in to “Perfect” by THC featuring Kent Jamz of Overdoz. The track as a whole is solid, but as you’d imagine, I zeroed in on Gambino’s verse at the :55 second mark. He’s in his usual engaging form and has some pretty good one-liners or references throughout. Nothing’s necessarily “Perfect” about this track but it is worthy of a listen and a shot at your rotation.

ICYMI: Childish Gambino “3005 (CloudAtLast Remix)”

Childish Gambino “3005 (Cloud@Last Remix) (Beach Picnic Version)”

Guys, here’s your feel-good chillwave add to this weekend’s rotation.

It’s courtesy of NYC duo Lukas Milo & MinimaxX — Cloud@Last — as they redo Childish Gambino’s new Beach Picnic Version of the hit “3005”, originally heard on the Kauai tape.

Gambino’s new version is refreshing in itself and now it’s chopped up and smoother with a beat that’s easy to vibe with. I’m queuing this up for the car and dreaming of a winter that’s not Chicago’s. Ha!

*Tibs Fav.


Donald Glover ‘Atlanta’ pilot green-lit

Great news: Donald Glover is coming back to TV, officially.

Earlier in the year, it was reported he was working on his own show for FX ‘Atlanta’. This weekend, the news drops that FX has green-lit a pilot, which will star and be executive produced by Glover.

His role will be a natural fit for fans of Childish Gambino, the rapper. Via XXL:

The story for the half-hour comedy series will center around two cousins with vastly different lifestyles who are trying to make it in the thriving Atlanta rap scene. Gam will portray the role of Earnest “Earn” Marks, an underachiever who tries his hand at rapping.

Sound excellent. And I’m sure we’ll get some A-level raps from Gambino who I’m sure will wanna blow people away on TV. (Not on social media now, it seems. But hey, maybe he just cleared his Twitter to retweet this?? Haha.)

Anyway, this is me at the news: