Kweku Collins “Say It Here, While It’s Safe” [Mixtape]

Closed Sessions prodigal son Kweku Collins makes his debut with his “Say It Here, While It’s Safe”. The EP’s lone feature is Milwaukee emcee Webster X and this project is produced Kweku himself and co-produced by Boathouse on two tracks. This project is just a taste of what is expected from the latest member of the Closed Sessions imprint.

Mano ‘BrrLeg EP’

Treated Crew’s hit making producer Mano connects with Closed Sessions to produce the “BrrLeg EP” that features the 20/3 leader’s production over some Gucci Mane classics.

Alex Wiley “One Singular Flame Emoji EP” [Mixtape]

Squadliness is next to Godliness and the homie Alex Wiley drops a lyrical dose of greatness with his latest project “One Singular Flame EP”, which includes hits like Top Of The World, Right Right, among some new gems. This project also features guest appearances by Pouya and Village 777 brethren Kembe X. As for Alex’s next full length project, that will be coming this summer. More from Alex below.

Hi, it’s the boi checking in. Here’s my flame emoji ep of rare collectibles. Play them at the next Bar Mitzvah you attend. But aye, on a serious note I made this very much for the fun of it and I hope you enjoy it. I’ll be releasing my next full length project this summer. May squad be with all of you. 🙂 Squad speed.

-Currently in possession of your bitch, The boi, Lil Nonchalant Alexander William Wiley III

Alex Wiley On Real Late w/ Peter Rosenberg [Video]

Alex Wiley pays a visit to NYC for a dope interview on Real Late with Peter Rosenberg. In the interview we get a hilarious and fun look behind Alex’s recent releases and get some freestyles from the Chicago emcee. We also get a more personal look from the young Chicago spitter as he talks about the responsibility he has to delivering his fans the best he can over and to also become a role model in his own right. We also get a very emotional and inspiring look at Alex opening up about his demons and how he is inspired by his fans to keep pushing forward.

Alex Wiley “Booty Club (Goin Dumb Again)”

Some additional yaboyery from Alex Wiley this week as he releases “Booty Club (Goin Dumb Again)”. More information on the origin of the song below.

Noisey: Tell me about this song, “Booty Club.”

Alex Wiley: It’s a song that I made in a hotel room. I had this bodyguard on the East Coast tour, and he used to come in the hotel rooms like late as shit at night, like on some 4 AM shit, and we’d just be like ‘where were you?’ And he’s like ‘man, I was just in the booty club’ and shit. And one random night he comes in at like 5 AM, waking everybody up, and we’re like ‘where were you?’ and he’s like ‘the booty club, going dumb again’ and it was like the funniest shit I had heard in that moment, the booty club going dumb.

Alex Wiley “Lil Stoner Boi”

Some new Yaboyery from Alex Wiley with this real dope and laid back track “Lil Stoner Boi”. The outreach for this track was amazing as well as Alex personally emailed, tweeted and DM’d this to his followers. Feels good to be showered with new yaboyery, don’t it?




A-Villa “Carry On Tradition” [Album Stream]


Adrian “A-Villa” Villagomez earlier this week delivered his labor of love and a project he worked relentlessly on for the last four years to perfect. A-Villa’s first and last project “Carry On Tradition” over exceeds any expectation you may have of ‘traditional Chicago Hip-Hop’ by crafting a brilliant project that encompasses his passion for music and bringing people together as he is able to assemble a fantasy draft like lineup of artists that blends different generations of Hip-Hop artists to a classic album that is now A-Villa’s debut project.

Earlier this week I was able to attend the listening party for “Carry On Tradition” and I can honestly say that the project as a whole is a classic. It is a cohesive project from beginning to end and cinematic in nature as well as we get glimpses of various forms of pop culture blended within this project as we transition from song to song.

This is a project for EVERYBODY. From the heavy conscious Hip-Hop Heads to anyone wanting a basic understanding of the who’s who of older generation emcees and today’s youth that Carry On Tradition. For purists you may also be able to purchase a Vinyl as well as a CD copy that includes a track not available on the iTunes version that features Martin $ky, Chance The Rapper, Michael Christmas, and MC Tree G.

The world has been lending its ears to this project as A-Villa continues to gain support from artists he grew up listening to. For those that still don’t understand, Adrian “A-Villa” Villagomez has been able to accomplish something that most Hip-Hop fans like us are never able to accomplish and that is to be a regular joe, a vice president at a bank by day that and skilled beat maker by night that is pursuing a dream that is now coming to fruition.

Support the homie A-Villa and cop the CD, Vinyl, or iTunes version.