The Pharrell Review

As a proud fan of comics, Pharrell, architecture, and puns, ‘The Pharrell Review’ touches all of the bases en route to a home run piece of commentary via the artist Klaus. I first became familiar with Klaus’ work through Mas Context, and was pleasantly surprised to see a crossover into our hip hop world with his latest cartoon.

‘The Pharrell Review’ is a “sideways look” at the Farrell Review — Sir Terry Ferrell’s national review of architecture and the built environment in 2013. “The cartoon turns Terry’s key points into Pharrell’s lyrics.” My favorite one that even the most casual follower of architecture can understand: “Heritage and design are separated by blurred lines — there’s no reason why they can’t get along just fine.” Ha! View the full cartoon below.


h/t Architectural Review

Good Reads: Moebius ‘The Horny Goof’


One of his first works, ‘The Horny Goof’, was a very loose and improvised space-opera style story with a lot of comedy elements, Fetish Fuel, porn (of all types available, and then some), and also plenty of mindscrew. It established a lot of his personal tropes and motifs in later works, especially the ones revolving around the Fatal Major (Airtight Garage, The Fatal Major), and a lot of elements used in The Word of Edena, which has a wonderful Gainax Ending. (h/t) Read the full comic at the link above.