Steph Curry crosses over Clippers for a 3

Earlier today, Steph Curry pulled off probably the coolest singular move of the season, but my bias comes into play for this subjective category because I’m a big Steph Curry fan.

Whatever the case, this is just ridiculous and I’ve watched this about 17 times and counting. (A few of those times for Steve Kerr’s priceless reaction.)

James Harden crossover on Ricky Rubio

Had to throw this up, in part because of how poetic that photo is.

But this may be the cruelest crossover of the year. And I like Rubio.

The internet was quick with the W as well.


And elsewhere in the league tonight, this was the coolest volleyball play of the season.

Tonight in Crossovers

Watching a deadly crossover is just a wonderful experience. You know it’s coming, yet most of the time you’re like daayyymnnn, he got crossed up!

Kyrie Irving and Mike Conley were 2 for 2 in those reactions today. Kyrie up above takes the 76ers to school while below, Conley takes care of Eric Bledsoe. My favorite part: Bledsoe’s split second of acceptance. Like, he knew it too.