Vic Spencer f/ Sean Price “Distorted Views”

Vic Spencer links up with BK’s Sean Price for a quick 2 minute, at times, explicitly laced cut “Distorted Views”. I felt the first punchline by Sean Price to bring the song in was interesting enough to keep you listening, but ultimately fell flat. I only bring this up to compare the punchlines to Vic’s, which I thought were a little more on point. Hear ’em trade verses below. Doc Da Mindbenda on the production.

Dally Auston “WestidEP”

Dally Auston is getting ready for the release of his album Roses, but today he gave us this new EP to hold us over until then. WestsidEP features OnGaud, Smoko Ono, Doc Da Mindbenda, Hippie Dream and more. Listen to and enjoy the stories of the Westside courtesy of Dally Auston.