G-Unit “Real Quick (0 to 100)”

Welp, that was fast!

Not only is this G-Unit‘s second remix in as many days after reuniting on Sunday, it’s also over the track Drake released on Sunday “0 to 100”. This beat is tailor made for any raw verses and G-Unit brings it with some highlights in each member’s verse if you listen close. *nods head*

UPDATE: Turns out G-Unit is callin’ the song “Real Quick” and there is updated artwork and the CDQ download below.


ICYMI: Drake “0 to 100 / Catch Up” | G-Unit “Fuck You Talkin Bout” (over HS87’s “Grindin My Whole Life)

Summer Jam 2014 Recap

Last night’s annual Hot 97 Summer Jam certainly delivered. Already laden with big-name guests, said big-name guests brought out big-name surprise guests. Above, perhaps most surprisingly, 50 Cent brought out Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, and Young Buck for a G-Unit reunion.

Yeah! This happened.

"Things go the way I say they go.now I think it's time we get busy." - 50 Cent on IG
“Things go the way I say they go.now I think it’s time we get busy.” – 50 Cent on IG

I thought that was dead, especially with 50 saying not too long ago to GQ that he doesn’t miss close friends Banks and Yayo. But hey, it’s gettin’ the people talkin’ which should pique the curiosity of the timing… just 2 days before Animal Ambition.

50 also performed with Nas & Fabolous (premiering the official “Cuffin’ Season (Remix)” that should drop later today. Nicki Minaj, oh by the way, brought out Drake and Lil Wayne… (and Lil Herb for the “Chi-Raq (Remix)”… but would she ever perform that in Chi?)

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Browse all of the videos below, including full sets from the live stream with the likes of Trey Songz, Wiz Khalifa, and many more.

Drake OVO Air Jordan 6 Black/Gold

It looks like Drake‘s not stopping with the OVO Jordans. First his 12s and 10s, now the 6s as these images were released today of both the rendering and the physical. The sharp black/gold colorway should go as no surprise given the color scheme of the OVO Brand. I dig the owl’s appearance as well… can’t go wrong here at all.

I should emphasize: awaiting confirmation from Drake/OVO/Jordan on if the “Drake OVO Air Jordan 6 Black/Gold” is in fact real/hopefully on sale at some point.

But this on top of tonight’s double track “0 to 100 / Catch Up”.



h/t The Shoe Game


Drake “0 to 100 / Catch Up”

Drake surprises tonight with a new free release “0 to 100 / Catch Up” as he goes straight rap on the former of the double track and slows it down to mainly rap on “Catch Up”. Like his recent releases this year, it feels like Drake recorded this yesterday with recent references and rhymes that are topically current to his situation. A big theme of this double release is that he’s coming for that “greatest” title and he’s confident he’ll get it undisputed. It’s also got some universal gems such as this,

Know yourself, know your worth.


*Tibs Fav.

Produced by Boi-1da
Co-produced by 40 and Nineteen85
Additional drum programming by Noël

Drake also hints at his next album for Spring 2015. OVO, overall, is comin’ up in the next year…

We already got Spring 2015 poppin. PND dropping, RepsUp P dropping, Majid Jordan dropping, OB dropping, not to mention me dropping.

And shouts out Steph Curry…

I been Steph Curry with the shot, been cookin’ with the sauce, Chef Curry with the pot boy!