YG “Who Do You Love” f/ Drake (prod. DJ Mustard)

Another new Drake verse — but this one’s not the CDQ of “Trophies” that’s still expected tonite. Instead, it’s a leaked version (HQ, just likely unfinished) of Drizzy linking with YG on “Who Do You Love”. DJ Mustard provides the bangin’ backdrop and I think Drake puts a nice flow on it. Solid, but I’m not in love with it like many might be. YG’s My Crazy Life album drops in March.


Drake’s New Year’s Eve Anthem

Inspired by PowerBall, NYE, and 4am itch to release new music, Drake does just that with his “New Year’s Eve Anthem” featuring Soulja Boy called “We Made It”.

Drizzy tabs his “Versace” flow for an instantly engaging set of rhymes that certainly set a celebratory mood. We get two verse from Drake and Soulja Boy doesn’t come in with his pseudo verse until the 4:30 mark. Kind of an odd collab we didn’t see coming — perhaps Drake’s co-sign here launches Soulja Boy back to some sort of relevancy close to when he blew up with “Crank Dat”.

 Also, everyone’s going to be saying “vixens” in a different type of way now.

*Tibs Fav.

Would You Like A Tour? #GWHHReview

On Thursday December 12th, 2013, Hip-Hop superstar Drake took Chicago, his self-proclaimed favorite city to perform in, by storm. Proving that he is no competition to his peers whatsoever, Drake’s “Would You Like A Tour?” was a glorious and triumphant moment for Hip-Hop, representing the pinnacle and peak of success and acclaim.

 The show was extremely timely and punctual, something I applaud. The doors opened at 7 and immediately after, the show began with PARTYNEXTDOOR as the opening act. I arrived to the United Center at around 7:35 amidst a massive turn up session led by the turn-up king himself, Future. Future gave the crowd the hype and energy needed to fully enjoy what was to come later. Among his many urban hits from “UOENO” to “Tapout” Future was an extremely fitting and enjoyable opening act. It was like the perfect pre-game to an unforgettable night that was to come.

Next, the soulful Miguel came out and crooned the audience with his Prince-inspired stage presence and set list. Electrifying the stage with crowd favorites from “Adorn” to the platinum selling Mariah Carey collaboration “#Beautiful” Miguel was everything an R&B performer should be; heartfelt and talented. He charmed the ladies with his smile, related with the fellas with his music, and impressed us all with his unique display of talent. It was almost as if the show was about Miguel.. As if we all came to see him. That is, until Miguel left the stage and Drake entered..

It was like watching something that you only see in your dreams or on some crazy movie about success that you never attain right in front of you. Aubrey Graham took the stage by storm performing all of his hits from the beginning of his already iconic career to his recent release “Nothing Was the Same.” Even though Drake, himself, didn’t perform much music from his old catalogue, he made sure to have the DJ play the old songs we all love for the nostalgia. With such a catalogue so early on in his life and career, it was astounding to put into retrospect the amount of hits this man has. At one point, Drake brought an elderly woman from the suburbs of Chicago named Pam to the stage. Drake crooned her with “Hold On, We’re Going Home” and had us all laughing as he humored her with the nickname “Pam… from the Suburbs.” Drake was relatable, likable, wild, entertaining, and most of all, game changing. The stage set, reminiscent of something form outer space, brought to life the content matter of “Nothing Was the Same” giving it even more of an ethereal and tangible feel. The beautiful Miss Jhene Aiko accompanied Drake on stage for fan favorites “Come Thru” and “From Time” both of which were obvious highlights from the show. From being on his “Worst Behavior” to the shout outs given to the fans in “305 to my City” the show truly erupted with explosive energy for the finale “Started from the Bottom.”

“Now we here”.. Days later still caught up in the rapture of the stage presence and energy displayed by Drake. An unforgettable night indeed from Hip-Hop’s finest.