Russell Westbrook dunk over Josh Smith

In what seems like an entertaining Thunder x Pistons game, Russell Westbrook had the highlight of the night — a full speed posterization of Josh Smith.

Andre Drummond though had his turn…

…and Josh Smith had his shot for redemption! He.. he didn’t redeem himself.

Gerald Green’s Slam Dunk Contest

There were plenty of amazing highlights to choose from for our nightly NBA post, but the best one didn’t actually happen in a game.

That’s because at Suns Team Practice today, Gerald Green put on a show in an impromptu dunk contest versus teammate Archie Goodwin. Archie himself had some nice flushes, but it still didn’t touch what Gerald did with his last 3 dunks above. Especially that last one, wow.

As for the games, Monta Ellis continues his hot scoring stream and burns his old team on a game-ending buzzer beater. This sounds cool, but is considerably less so because Monta took four steps to put up the shot. Somehow this wasn’t a travel, even in the NBA.

In Charlotte, the hometown Bulls may have got the win, 102-95, but Kemba Walker crossed up rookie Nikola Mirotic so bad that it’s the enduring image of the game. It pains me to post this, but I do love me some Kemba crossovers.

It was so bad, Mirotic had to own it on Twitter. Ha! At least Niko’s use of emojis are in veteran form.

Lastly, and fittingly for the post, John Wall closed out the win vs. the Lakers with a 4-point play on Kobe and a fantastic, trolling shimmy. I approve.

Gerald Green off the backboard dunk

It’s not often you see someone throw it off the backboard to himself and dunk it in a game…

Gerald Green did just that in tonight’s ongoing Magic vs. Suns game and this one had a T-Mac flair to it. Watch above, *nods head* at the tweet below.


Gerald Green off the backboard dunk (Vine)

Backflip Off The Backboard Dunk

As the title suggests, this is pretty cool.

It’s rare that something basketball-related yet non-NBA makes the Gowhere pages during this time of year. But the “Lords of Gravity” acrobat-dunker Botond Dajka pulled off this incredible backflip off the backboard dunk at a recent NBA 3x event in Bilbao, Spain for its well-deserved spot. I saw J.E. Skeets of #TheStarters tweet this the other day, then Ronnie2K tweet he needs to figure out a way to get this in the game, then just now again on the ESPN front page. Basically, this video is going viral and I’m happy to do my small part. Enjoy!

Paul George dunk over LeBron James

The highlight you’ll see all night and all day tomorrow… Paul George with the cross and the flush over a contesting LeBron James. The dunk wasn’t next-level by any means, but the fact that LeBron never gets posterized is what stands out about this highlight. Plus, the stakes were high in this late-season meeting between the Eastern Conference’s top 2 teams. The Pacers won this round 84-83.

BONUS: Even tough it’s the Cavs vs. the Pistons, Dion Waiters closed out the game in dramatic fashion, only eclipsed by Luol Deng‘s post-buzzer beater celebration.