Eminem brings out Dr. Dre in London

Last night was Eminem’s first show at the legendary, 90,000 (!) capacity Wembley Stadium in London. Of course for a show that large and special, Em had to have a surprise in store and it didn’t disappoint in the form of Dr. Dre. The two went through a medley of classics including, yes, “Forgot About Dre”. Watch some footage above. London definitely in for a treat.

UPDATE: Lots of people attend an Eminem concert.


Busta Rhymes f/ Eminem “Calm Down”

We were waiting for July 1st but this week’s big rap track is a full day early as Busta Rhymes & Eminem‘s “Calm Down” can be heard below, and to my pleasant surprise, producer Scoop DeVille samples the House of Pain party classic “Jump Around”.

As if there was anything else that would have made you press play…

Both Busta & Em rap extra long verses over a 5 minute track, seemingly without breathing. That I expected, though I just wish they traded verses since they’re bar for bar 2 of the quickest flows in the game. Structure knock aside, Busta starts off the song strong and his verse from beginning to end is real solid. Eminem’s verse follows suit and has a Slim Shady style delivery, complete with various celebrity references too. None of ’em really fall flat and to top it off, it’s one of the best conclusions to an Eminem verse in a minute too. Look for “Calm Down” on Busta’s upcoming album, E.L.E. 2.

*Tibs Fav.

UPDATE: Here is a pretty cool trailer for “Calm Down”. Watch before the song!

Lloyd Banks f/ Eminem, 50 Cent, & Nate Dogg “Warrior Pt. 2”

I know Old School Sundays are now few and far between, but I thought the dots connected for this one when I saw Lloyd Banks celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the release of The Hunger For More on Facebook today. I vividly remember taking a chance on the G-Unit solo album with all of these factors leading up to it.

– Em & 50 were my 2 favorites in the game in 2004 and I followed any feature, or especially, Eminem production no matter who the artist was.

– Lloyd Banks was my favorite G-Unit member, and made a strong impression on “Stunt 101” and throughout the debut album, Beg For Mercy, in 2003.

– I read the tracklist before committing and one read of “Warrior Pt. 2” featuring Eminem, 50 Cent, & Nate Dogg (prod. Eminem) led me to approach the cash register with the same confidence of new Kings rookie Nik Stauskas approaching the 3 point line in his backyard, in the rain.

– Plus, I love the idea of sequel tracks and loved the tease of “Warrior” at the end of the “On Fire” music video — the album’s lead single — which I ended up rating above “On Fire” at the end of the day.

Alas, I loved “Warrior Pt. 2”. Eminem making an infectious rhythm with the coins was something I’ve never heard before and as long-lasting about this song as the late Nate Dogg’s hook. Stellar verses from Em, Banks, and 50 in that order made the song complete. And overall, “Warrior Pt. 2” was a go-to on future pump up mixes way down the line.

Now imagine a freshly licensed 16-year old Tibs speeding away from Best Buy with this track blaring out the speakers, ha! *TIBS FAV.

Busta Rhymes f/ Eminem “Calm Down” July 1

UPDATE: The song is out now and available here.

Coming July 1st…

the new single from Busta Rhymes featuring Eminem “Calm Down”.

(and hopefully Carmelo to the Bulls.)

But on the topic at hand, this one sounds like a great combo on paper. Scoop DeVille produces and talks below about how it’s just Busta and Em spazzing on the track. Can you imagine the break neck flows and clear delivery from two of the best to execute that combo? I’m stoked.

Eminem & Busta Rhymes, appearing calm.