Feel Better World, Love, Ms. Badu

Surprise Erykah Badu mix?! Surprise Erykah Badu mix.

This hour-twenty long mix, dropped simply with a surprise link on Twitter, fuses some Earth, Wind & Fire, James Brown, Eddie Kendricks and of course Erykah as well. Listen below and receive these positive vibes.



And hey, while you’re here… Erykah Badu recently had her own DJ set at The Shrine here in Chicago and below is a fantastic recap video, a Camovement by Cam Be, that makes me wish I was there. Ne-Yo even made it and I didn’t. Ha! More good vibes below:

Halley Hiatt “On & On” (Erykah Badu Cover)

There’s a whole new generation out there that may not be familiar with Erykah Badu’s 1997 Grammy-winning song “On & On” so let’s thank Halley Hiatt for reviving it with this dope new cover and visual to accompany it above.

Hiatt sings the notes with an easy flow, a voice that’s similar yet different than Badu’s, and inspires in the visual by showcasing some NYC culture. She tells NYLON:

1997 was a very influential year for me musically. I still get a lot of my inspiration from that era in R&B/Hip-hop even though it gets farther away from me. Rodney’s beat took me back to the times where I’d get together with friends to just watch music videos on MTV and BET.

Very cool. And very well-done. Watch above and remember one of the many gems of the lyrics below.

Peace and blessings manifest with every lesson learned.

‘Black Dynamite’ trailer ft. Tyler & Badu

Adult Swim is premiering a special episode of ‘Black Dynamite’ and among the voices are none other than Tyler The Creator and Erykah Badu. The latter plays a bird-human hybrid and Tyler humorously and appropriately concludes the trailer, as he voices a dog.

‘The Wizard of Watts’ will actually center on police brutality and the hour-long ep. should premiere soon.

Erykah Badu anonymously sings at Times Square

The things you’ll see at Times Square. This one should shock you though because it turns out it’s Erykah Badu singing anonymously like your common singer on the streets. All captured in a self-directed iPhone video above, watch and see Erykah sing and reel in… not even $4?! It’s hard out there for an artist these days… /jokes, but not really

h/t OKP

Mickey Factz “U(Q)”

I created this record out of love. The first single off of Love.Lust.Lost.II entitled U (Q) artistically covers, with the blessings from the ever magnificent Erykah Badu, a man’s devotion for the person he is engaged with.

– Mickey Factz

You heard it from Mickey first. “U(Q)” is a sweet new record for the lovers out there as, don’t get it twisted, Mickey rhymes (not sings) with his usual distinct clarity and storytelling. The lyrics appropriately balance wit and realness that’s easy to parallel to as well.

To link it all together, Mickey and producer Blue, TheMisfit brilliantly sample Erykah Badu’s “Out My Mind, Just In Time”. They chop it up as well to create a hip hop edge in the transitions from hook to verses that, as Factz says above, Erykah herself has co-signed. This sound is especially felt live, as I can attest because Mickey premiered “U(Q)” the last time he was in Chicago. It got a great first impression from the crowd and if you vibe with my picks here on the site, I think it will do the same for you below.

*Tibs Fav.

Art by: Jeremy Biggers | Mixed by: John Stewart

“U(Q)” is Mickey’s first release on the heels of his impressive summer project, 740 Park Avenue, and doubles as the first single off of his new concept mixtape due out this Fall, Love.Lust.Lost.II. There is assuredly more to come on the project soon, as in the meantime, Mickey is preparing to go on a new Fall tour that we’re proud to be co-sponsoring! More details here.


Good Morning! I am actually in shock by this. In December, I announced that I wanted to not do music anymore. Since then, I have put out some songs, freestyle video, a mixtape, a sponsorship/partnership situation with @uniqlousa and now Im announcing my tour The Blue & Red Pill tour. I came up with the title because I had to make a choice on what I wanted to do with my career. So for the fans, Im going to give them a choice… 740 Park Avenue & Love.Lust.Lost.II will be the blue & red pills of the tour. Whatever the crowd chooses for me to do first, is what will happen. I will also be going through some classics! Joining me will be @underdogcentral somebody I mentor and the New Orleans Saints official Dj @primalonvinyl … Dates will be announced in the next hour. I would really appreciate if you can share and like the photo as promo will be starting today! Thank you! Shout to @gowherehiphop @djbooth and @allhiphopcom.

Dave Chappelle’s New York City Comeback

10 years ago this summer, you may remember Dave Chappelle’s Block Party — a free block party in Brooklyn featuring performances by Kanye West, Erykah Badu, The Roots, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Common, Dead Prez, Jill Scott, Cody Chesnutt, Big Daddy Kane, and the Fugees. I sure do, I bought the DVD of its documentary-style film (one of my first music DVDs at that).

That list of artists won’t be topped this year, but the bottom line is that Dave Chappelle is back to New York City 10 years later. The Roots, Erykah Badu, Janelle Monáe, Busta Rhymes, and DJ Premier are all set to co-headline with Dave Chappelle at Radio City Music Hall across three days this June, the 24th through 26th. He’s looking to apply the same formula of stand-up mixed with neo-soul hip hop that was a success at the Block Party. Now, a different, and prestigious venue. Chappelle will also be performing solo standup shows at Radio City from June 18th-June 22nd (already sold out). But NYC readers, and readers all around, here’s the weekend to plan a New York trip.

Mickey Factz reveals what really happened to delay #TheAchievement w/ GWHH

Listen: Mickey Factz — full interview with Gowhere Hip Hop


For longtime followers of the site, it should come as no surprise that Mickey Factz is one of my favorite emcees in the game, period. Mickey’s rise in the rap game coincided with our rise in the rap site game, and in that time, his career has been an interesting one to follow. Since 2009, on the heels of numerous brand collabs and the XXL Freshman Class, Factz was prime to release his debut album, The Achievement.

Fast forward to 2013, and The Achievement has yet to hit stores. Mickey’s ever-growing fanbase has been held over by free project after free project, highlighted by the critically acclaimed Mickey MauSe during the spring of 2012, where Mick channels an entirely different character ‘MauSe’ over an upbeat mix of samples of Danger Mouse. Unfortunately those samples weren’t cleared and the label didn’t push hard enough to release that project as the album — even after peers like Swizz Beatz and Lupe Fiasco pushed for it. That’s just part of the story you’ll hear above. Many fans have taken the long delay negatively without knowing the full story. I made sure to talk to Mickey in-depth about this to kick off our extensive interview when he came to Chicago for the GWHH-presented Make A Mogul Showcase last month. Listen in to understand the full picture on why The Achievement has yet to see release, and your presumptions will likely be changed. It’s a great behind the scenes story that exposes the unfortunate politics within the music industry.

We not only looked back, but also looked forward. I continued the conversation to talk about what The Achievement will sound like in 2014 as it’s full throttle ahead with the recent release of the first single “Zen” featuring Yelawolf. Mickey has a couple more singles waiting to see release: “Venice” (which he describes in detail) and some new details on “U (Q)” featuring Erykah Badu & Lupe Fiasco (yup!).

“There’s an Erykah Badu sample on there, and she cleared the record and she’s actually going to re-sing the record. The fact that I got this record — this particular record is about a girl that I met and jusAt really have strong feelings for. I want to put that out because I feel like that’s what hip hop is kinda missin’ sometimes. We don’t really have a lot of honest music about how people feel.”

– Mickey Factz on the upcoming single “U (Q)” f/ Erykah Badu & Lupe Fiasco (13 min. mark)

He previewed “U (Q)” for the first time in Chicago, and for the first time last night in NYC with Lupe Fiasco rapping his part on stage (see: below). And from my experience, I can already feel the soul and get a sense of the superb storytelling from Mick. This one is on the short list of upcoming records to watch for.

So without further ado, press play and let the interview run in the background — it’s a 24 min. podcast-style conversation with a candid and revealing Mickey Factz. In addition, find out more about how he got his run on the ongoing Tetsuo And Youth Preview Tour, his recent battle with Danja Zone, and even where his appreciation for fine art came from. Enjoy!


Mickey Factz & Lupe Fiasco premiere “U (Q)” in NYC

Mickey Factz & Sgt. Tibs
Mickey Factz & Sgt. Tibs


Mickey Factz drops ‘Gowhere’ in a freestyle