Frank Ocean “Memrise”

I know, I know, it’s about time. Frank Ocean releases some new music, now over 2 years since the release of his critically acclaimed debut, channel ORANGE.

“Memrise” can be heard below with the lyrics being the highlight to me.

In fact, Ocean transcribed ’em below on his tumblr (and also posted this new Star Wars: Episode VII trailer. Even if you’re a casual Star Wars fan, I’m sure you’re curious…)

I memorized the wayward expressions
Never look down
Never let you see me down
I memorized the way no directions
Can I come over now
I’d like to stay a little while
I memorized your body exposed
I could fuck you all night long
From a memory alone

I never forget a face
Don’t go plastic on me
Nothing’s set in stone
You’re not dipped in gold
Dipped in gold
You can’t breathe if you’re dipped in gold
You are not on paper
You are not a copy
You’re so, you’re thick, so thick

Focus (Trailer)

The rare movie trailer post here on Gowhere. Hey, it’s Friday! And this one just dropped for Focus — the first-look at the upcoming 2015 thriller staring superstar Will Smith and breakout star Margot Robbie (the woman who made Leo look like this.) in an escalating drama that follows these two, romantically involved grifters (the veteran and the “intern”). The plot looks spicy from the trailer and I’m lookin’ forward to this one on February 27th of next year.

And oh! The fitting soundtrack for the trailer — Frank Ocean “Bad Religion”.

More Friday Will Smith fun: The definitive list of every celebrity guest star in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

New Frank Ocean album collab info

It’s not much, but it’s new info on the enigmatic Frank Ocean and his long-awaited, highly-anticipated sophomore album.

Billboard reports that Frank Ocean has been signed to management with Three Six Zero (Calvin Harris, Deadmau5 and Kate Nash) and has logged studio time with Hit-Boy & Darkchild. Whoo! As a fan of both, I’m excited to hear their sounds mesh with Ocean’s (especially given Darkchild’s longtime big-name R&B collabs).

The article also notes Ocean is still working with frequent collaborators Happy Perez, Charlie Gambetta and Kevin Ristro. Needless to say, we’ll be looking forward to the next development…

Frank Ocean’s new hair

Love live sea punk

Says Frank Ocean, debuting his new blue hair on his tumblr this week. I wish the headline was Frank Ocean’s new music, but for now this is the scant update we have on the Grammy winning singer/songwriter. To be honest though, while I greatly anticipate some new tunes from Ocean since it’s been awhile, I think the long break will help him when he does record and release new music to the public. For some artists, it’s necessary to follow up a debut album a year later so they increase their buzz instead of fade away. With a vast, critically acclaimed fanbase behind Frank already though, the excitement for when he does come back will be fresh. That’s my prediction and I’m sticking to it (for 6 more months, ha!)

Frank Ocean album update

A quick-hit Frank Ocean album update for ya, as he posted on tumblr that he’s almost done with his upcoming album! (Finally!)


It seems like Ocean’s come up in ’11-’12 is forever ago, but I think the long hiatus of new music will give fans a renewed energy when the time’s right for this album’s release. I’ve been running back “Pyramids” lately this past month so I for one am in need of new Ocean tunes.