Gemstones f/ Adia “Let Your Light Shine”

Gemstones is one of the few artists that never disappoints lyrically for me. Ever since his On The Road To Glory, My Story project a few years ago, Gemstones has passionately delivered thought-provoking personal stories amongst in-depth lyricism. So naturally, I am thrilled about Gemstones’ first release in a long while called “Let Your Light Shine”.

Right off the song title and single art, I knew I would vibe with the spirit of this record as Gemstones does just what the song says and lets his light shine. He displays a furiously fast flow and raps about his musical journey that has left him held back at times. However, the new signee of Xist Music continues to break through with each project and I can see this song springboarding him again with Elephant In The Room 2 (?!)

What’s also unique about the record is not only the melodic, video-game esque layer in the production, but also the structure. Gem raps for about 2/3 of the record with his labelmate, female vocalist Adia putting down a powerful, triumphant ending that only gets better as it escalates. An easy *Tibs Fav. to add to the rotation and I can’t wait for more from Gemstones.

Gemstones “Break Every Chain” f/ Tasha Cobbs

After recently signing to XistMusic, Gemstones is ready for his first release from the label — the upcoming mixtape, After. To bring it in, he releases the first single this morning — an ode to the Lord and an outlet of his personal highs, lows, and emotions throughout the journey. Singer Tasha Cobbs laces the hook and provides a nice female balance sonically, as Gemstones performs two verses for the song. The first is almost like a spoken word, with not the usual fast flow that Gem puts down, but rather the slowed-down talking melody he sometimes does. This proved to be a warm-up of sorts for the 90 second stretch starting right at the 2 minute mark. I’ll let Gem impress with an increasingly high-energy fast-flowing and personal verse that I simply shook my head at (like ‘wow’) after listening. This alone made it a *Tibs Fav. 

For the casual fans out there, come into this one ready to listen and you may come away with a similar feeling as I. Looking forward to After!