Eminem f/ Gwen Stefani “Kings Never Die” (Lyric Video)

I saw Southpaw last night and came away with the favorable impression I expected. I’ll actually save some thoughts for another post tomorrow, but in the meantime, Eminem dropped an all-new lyric video for one of his two main singles on the soundtrack — “Kings Never Die” with Gwen Stefani. This one hasn’t quite grown on me as much as “Phenomenal” but hearing it during the end credits last night was pretty fitting. Plus, following along to Eminem’s lyrics in a visual like this could definitely help the cause. Check it out with me above.

Gwen Stefani talks working with Eminem

He’s so incredible. He’s a real artist. He’s a real weirdo.

Gwen continues to ET, “I just finally got the call. It was one of those days where they were like, ‘Can you come do this?’ And I was like, ‘Really? Really?’ And they were like, ‘It has to be done today.’ And I was like, ‘Ok!’ And I just made it happen.”

“I went down there and my voice happened to not be working that day, and I was like, ‘Ok perfect — like, the one time I get asked to be on the Eminem song!?’ I don’t know – I just prayed really hard and the engineer made it come to life.”

“I’m driving, literally driving in the minivan with all my kids in the car… and on Bluetooth, somebody calls. And I’m like, ‘Hello?’ And it was him!” Stefani recounted. “And he’s like, ‘Hey just wanted to say thanks for doing the song. And I was like, ‘You don’t understand — I have all my kids in the car. You can’t call me right now. All my kids are in the car! Don’t say any bad words!’ I was literally going to soccer practice. But I was like, ‘I’m gonna make your song so cool!'”

Watch the video of Gwen saying the above at ET. This was the type of fun anecdotes I was looking for about their new single “Kings Never Die” since the collab kind of came out of left field. Nice to hear Gwen’s praise as this single continues to grow on me.

ICYMI: Eminem f/ Gwen Stefani “Kings Never Die”

Southpaw Soundtrack (Tracklist)

UPDATE 07.24.15: Here’s the full stream. After seeing the movie, the soundtrack fits even better than you may think on paper. And yeah… go see the movie. Great performance by Jake Gyllenhaal.


UPDATE: The real tracklist is released today and is perhaps even more intriguing than the fake one. Eminem & Gwen Stefani?! That sounds like it could be cool. Plus, a tribute to the late James Horner, who passed away over the weekend in a tragic plane crash. The legendary composer has “Cry For Love” on the intro/outro. All executive produced by Eminem and in stores July 24th.



06.12.15: Today, Shady Records revealed the cover art above for the upcoming soundtrack to Southpaw, executive produced by the one and only Eminem.

Out now on the Soundtrack is “Phenomenal”, which I initially greeted with a mediocre review. As the Beats commercials have steadily played throughout this NBA Finals, the hit-or-miss hook grew on me to ‘hit’ status and further listens of the single have put it in *Tibs Fav. status. The non-melodic flows still get to me, but I can’t ignore the words and the subtle woman’s voice that adds a punch to the production.

Quick tangent aside, I’m a little more excited now for both the soundtrack and the movie itself, which I learned today was written with Eminem in mind for the lead character. Wow. Makes sense, huh?

Snoop Dogg ‘Bush’ (Album Stream)

UPDATE: Bush can now be streamed in full here on iTunes Radio.

The two biggest features are below including “I’m Ya Dogg” featuring Kendrick Lamar & Rick Ross and “California Roll” featuring Stevie Wonder (on harmonica) & Pharrell (on the hook). Good vibes like much of the rest of the album already. Press play and cop the album May 12th.



1. “California Roll” feat. Stevie Wonder
2. “This City”
3. “R U a Freak”
4. “Awake”
5. “So Many Pros”
6. “Peaches N Cream” feat. Charlie Wilson
7. “Edibles” feat. T.I.
8. “I Knew That”
9. “Run Away” feat. Gwen Stefani
10. “I’m Ya Dogg” feat. Kendrick Lamar and Rick Ross


New Music Roundup: 01.13.15

Late last night was a hotbed of new singles so I’m here to round it up new music update style. Ironic since many of these artists were bigger names in ’07/’08 when this was the format of posts on the rookie version of gowherehiphop.com.

Alas, here’s the official version of Gwen Stefani & Pharrell’s “Shine” off the Paddington soundtrack (previously leaked on NYE), another album preview from Ne-Yo, Ciara’s return single, and a new video from T-Pain (for his upcoming mixtape with DJ Drama.)

Gwen Stefani f/ Pharrell “Shine”

It’s not of the “Hollaback Girl” vibe but it’s Gwen & P connecting again for a soul-searching song of substance with “Shine” (alliteration intended).

“Shine” will appear on the upcoming movie soundtrack for Paddington (off the Paddington Bear series) and even in its low quality leak version below, I sense a bigger feel for the song that’s fit for the movie. I like Gwen’s repetition and different delivery of the word “Shine” and Pharrell adds a nice touch at the end.

Borderline *Tibs Fav. as I await a CDQ early in 2015. Fans of one or both will enjoy.

Shine into ’15 ya’ll!