Who has the largest vocabulary in hip hop?

This week, this fascinating infographic depicted the Largest Vocabulary in Hip Hop, tracking the game’s biggest emcees ever and the amount of unique words they used throughout their catalogue.

The high? Aesop Rock.

The low? DMX.

(I’ll wait for you to stop chuckling.)

The Wu had their own fascinating set of data with GZA and U-God up on top.

Screen shot 2014-05-09 at 7.38.36 PM

Screen shot 2014-05-09 at 7.38.26 PM

And finally, the East Coast is widely represented towards the top of the vocab skills while conversely, the West Coast emcees aren’t really above average. (Don’t take the generalization too much more than that though.)

Screen shot 2014-05-09 at 7.39.33 PM

Where does your favorite legend like 2Pac, Eminem, Jay Z, Kanye, and more appear on the list? Interact with the infographic and read more details on the statistical breakdowns here. (Now we just need a “through 2014” update so we can see how Kendrick really stacks up. Shouts @matthew_daniels)

BONUS: Grantland also posted a fun infographic this week — The ‘If I Fought This Rapper, Would I Win?’ Chart. Though DMX loses the vocab, he wins this one.

Joey Purps @ Double Door: CIMMFest’s Closed Sessions 5.3.14

So ya girl been slacking. After weeks of being in an odd uninspired musical limbo, I knew my ass had to do something Friday night. The move? CIMMFest’s Closed Sessions Showcase at Double Door. Shout out to WhoDough who came through with the music events and put me out of my music funk.

Hosted by Closed Sessions, the event featured names like Exile, Dally Auston, Joey Purps, ShowYouSuck, and Alex Wiley. While all these artists put on a great show, my personal favorite was Joey Purps aka Indigo Purple aka that Saint Alfred x Stussy model.


A definite highlight of the night, Joey Purps was hyped from the start. With his dynamic stance and ability to vibe with the crowd, he had the whole crowd listening, appreciating, and moving to his every word. Props definitely needs to be given not only for his clear talent but his overall stage presence. Rarely do you see a performer actually PERFORM and feel comfortable with just well, being themselves. Most of all Purps has TASTE. Something that can be seen in both his performances and the level of detail he puts in his music. Both embody the level of passion, sense of taste, and realness that a lot of music lacks. Lucky for us, real artists are still coming up in Chicago.

*Special shout out to Towkio and his luxury ass hair bun for coming through on stage. No lie though, your hair be on some other level of grandness, b.*

Conclusion? Watch out for him. Though he’s been hot on the music scene for a while along with his crew Save Money, this guy still continues to bring us some versatile shit. With Summer ’14 coming through, Chicago needs to come correct for whatever Joey Purps and his crew have in store.

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Dorsey Kydd FT. Chase Chill “Str8 Drop” (Prod. by Vybe Beatz)

Once again, Dorsey Kydd has blessed the world with an amazingly stunning video, from his recently released “Bully Muzik” mixtape. With his mixtape being impressively at a high demand, it was only right for Dorsey Kydd to drop another visual for his fans.

Last video, Kydd visually provided our eyes with a heartfelt video. He decided to provide everyone with a side of him that only the closest of family would know. But, this time around Kydd proudly represented for his hometown of Chicago, Illinois. In this new visual titled “Str8 Drop”, Kydd linked up with Chi-Town representative Chase Chill and music producer Vybe Beatz. With this being such a hot single, it was only right to establish a music video with the help of video director DirectedByCholly.

In this visual, you have the opportunity to see Dorsey Kydd present a statement of fashion characteristic with his accompanied artist Chase Chill stylishly perform by him. Along with Dorsey being a fashion statement in this video, he stunningly stands in front of a clean striped Dodge Charger with the city of downtown Chicago presented in the background. Str8 Drop is a banger to welcome us all back to the season of spring. This is definitely a video to feast your eyes upon.

Camcorder Banks #Certified #DOPExHYPExFRESH


Underground Wonder Bar – “Follow The Fox” 03.29.14

Hyped from the start, Underground Wonder Bar’sFollow The Fox” was one of many anticipated events going down Saturday night. Needless to say, shit definitely did not disappoint.

Featuring four of Chicago’s most talked about artists – Brian Fresco, Mojek, A Billion Young, and Dally Auston, the whole city came out to show love. Chance The Rapper, making a brief pit stop in his hometown, came through early on the night showing love and hyping the crowd. Even with a tight schedule, Chance’s appearance was a great early reminder that not only are Chicago artists leading the music industry but talent in the Windy city is growing bigger, better, and faster than any other city.

Starting the night off was Mojek or Young Africa, another Chicago-based producer who hit his set hard with a mixture of smooth house tracks and remixed club tunes. Without a doubt, it was clear why he was leading the night. Throwing down crisp tracks while seamlessly upping the energy of the crowd and performers, dude had everyone vibing. Setting the mood for the night, Mojek does a great job transitioning for Brian Fresco and A Billion Young’s set, one of the many highlights of the night.

Brian Fresco was one of the many talked about names of the hour. And for good reason. His energy and his ability to command the crowd were so on point. By the beginning, middle, and end of his performance he had every person in every corner bumping and dusting the sweat off their foreheads. A Billion Young also threw down with Brian Fresco, hitting beat after beat while still showcasing their individual sound. Having already wrote about A Billion Young earlier this week, these guys are even more impressive live. With a special eye for detail and a real passion for their craft, these guys are definitely ones to watch.

Despite the high-note that these guys left, Dally Auston ended the night and came through with the same energy. Showing us why previous laidback tracks like “WSGT$” and “Hol’ Up” is just another layer of his work, Dally Auston gave the crowd another look at this creative process. Throwing down even more dope hooks, fresher verses, and lyrical emphasis, I am excited to see all that Dally Auston is bringing to the table.

All in all, great job last night! With a fusion of different music, fashion, and art lovers all in one room and supporting the music community, the love and energy was definitely a great reminder why other cities really don’t got shit on us. In other words, Chicago artists have and always will be the ones to put the industry on. Period.



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Kanye West x Rhymefest: Donda’s House


Launched August 2013, Donda’s House “Got Bars” program is slowly making its mark as the creative hub of our generation. Founded by the legendary Kanye West and led by Che “Rhymefest” Smith. Rhymefest, childhood friend and West’s cowriter, started the “Got Bars” program with the focus on music/lyric composition and performance. This unique program aimed towards 15-24 year olds, prides itself on the “90’s artist environment” where all artists are pushed to become creative mentally and physically.

Backed by the largest names in hip hop, Kanye West and Rhymefest, applicants from different corners of the city wrestled the cold Chicago weather to be part of the Donda Family. As the air grew thicker inside the Ark of St. Sabina, tensions ran high as applicants proved why they earned their title as an artist.

This statement could not be truer than the moment one walks in. Decked in the freshest gear and applications at hand, crowds of candidates huddled in rooms. Nervously waiting, practicing, and watching as judges, volunteers, and renowned entertainment figures moved from room to room. As candidates scanned the rooms, a mixture of excitement, fear, and raw passion filled the air.

From the blurbs of sound coming from the gymnasium, emerging artists battling on the staircases, or the young vocalists humming a tune in the hallway, creative energy spilled from all corners of the building. “You can feel the energy. Every inch of this building is buzzing,” said Donnie Smith, Executive Director of Donda’s House.

With the boom of artists hungry to showcase their talent, Donda’s House prides itself in harboring this type of energy.  However, with limited resources diminishing the edge for creative expression, Donda’s House aims to nurture and give a home to the city’s growing creatives.

“We want to give artists an environment where they can collaborate and really nurture their artistry. In reality to be a great artist, it takes time, dedication, and money. But here we take away the financial hardship and provide our members with premium access to the best in the business,” Che “Rhymefest” Smith noted.

Beyond the high-profile names backing this program, “Got Bars” is more than perfecting your craft as an artist, “it’s about being a better you and letting your experiences shine through your work,” “Got Bars” alumni Diamond Pugh said. Take it from her, she was one of the first to earn her spot in this program.

Born and raised in the Southside of Chicago, Pugh, 21 a veteran at Donda’s House fell in love with music at a young age. After answering an ad for Donda’s House in hopes to pursue music, Pugh not only got accepted but now leads many endeavors for the organization. However, her journey to Donda’s House wasn’t easy, as she too, had to endure the same rigorous audition process.

“It was nerve wrecking being in front of Rhymefest. Not because he is so well known in the industry but the fact that what he has to say won’t always be what you want to hear,” Pugh said, “But he cares and it shows. Being in this program I don’t think I would have pushed myself as hard as I did if it wasn’t for him telling me I could do better.”

The love from Donda’s House is apparent whether candidates are accepted or not. “We care about you and your dreams deeply. This whole process has a purpose, a deep purpose. It’s beyond the concept of making music, it’s about one living up to their potential,” Rhymefest said closing the event. “All of you are talented beyond means and we welcome you all to come back. Regardless if you have been here for a day, a month, or a year, you are all family.”

As the audition comes to a close for its second consecutive semester and the organization continues to grow their programs, it is without a doubt that Donda’s House will soon be at the forefront in the creative community. For more information about Donda’s House, please visit dondashouseinc.org.

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