Logan, Taylor Bennett & Carl [HurtEverybody] “DOPE”

It’s always amazing when young minds come together and that is exactly what happened on “DOPE” as three Chicago upstarts by the names of Logan, Taylor Bennett and HurtEverybody’s Carl join forces over an Epidemic and Flight production.

TIBS UPDATE: Added Taylor Bennett’s new solo track “Prom Song”, which he dropped this weekend in honor of, yup you guessed it, his prom. Hear this one from his heart that high schoolers out there will definitely enjoy.

Supa BWE “Hurt Everybody (July 4)”

It is no denying that Supa Bwe is one of Chicago’s DIY kings! Supa has now released “Hurt Everybody (July 4)” to let everyone that his band’s project “Hurt EVerybody” will be dropping July 4th! These guys have had all their followers cling to every single word in their music and come the day of the release of this project they will have Chicago ‘hurting’ for more of Supa and Carl’s music! Stay tuned for this release.

HurtEverybody “Pot Goddess 2/ Yellow 2”

Supa BWE and Carl f*ck y’all up two times, 2 times! The duo releases series to two of their songs, more from HurtEverybody below.

The Pot Goddess series continues, this time fusing with the rare “Yellow” song Supa Bwe dropped almost half a year ago. Pot Goddess 2 / Yellow 2 is the first song to be released as a Hurt Everybody production, with both Carl and Supa on the track.

HurtEverybody “Maple”




The force is strong with this one! The homies HurtEverybody continue to release great music with the release of “Maple”. They commemorate the release of this single with a dope Star Wars themed visual. As for HurtEverybody, they’ll be releasing their EP in June!