Mike Will Made It & ILOVEMAKONNEN “Wishin You Well”

I’ve been curious to hear more from the new OVO singer ILOVEMAKONNEN since his “Tuesday” hit got the Drake co-sign and actual signing. I wasn’t fond of the single like most but am open-minded about Makonnen’s appeal and can see it shine through below here too. He links up with one of the “it” producers of 2014, Mike Will Made It, for a track that doesn’t really sound like one of his usual productions. Makonnen describes a relationship story with a constant flow that may be infectious or grow tiresome depending on how you feel. I see more people enjoying this than not, so give it a listen and hear for yourselves.

Chris Brown & Trey Songz “Tuesday” x “Made Me”

Chris Brown stays steady with the new releases this week. While they’ve all been for his upcoming album, X, these two are simply for a Saturday night like tonight. Or perhaps Tuesday since CB & Trey Songz take their crack at Makonnen’s late summer hit. That’s not all as they also remix Snootie Wild’s “Made Me”. Both are MQ (medium quality) radio rips; both should fit the nighttime playlist regardless; and both originals I’m not really fans of so that’s holding me back from vibing all the way with the remixes. *shrugs* Enjoy?!

UPDATE: “Made Me” is now in CDQ below.

Drake signs ILOVEMAKONNEN to OVO Sound

Sounds like “Tuesday” won’t be the first time you’ll be hearing Drake and ILOVEMAKONNEN. The Toronto superstar made it official today, signing ILOVEMAKONNEN to his OVO Sound label, which, if you’re counting at home, is the second all-caps singer Drake has signed to OVO Sound.

All (accurate) jokes aside, I need to hear more of Makonnen before I can fully decide if I’m a fan, but I truthfully wasn’t that impressed with “Tuesday”. I thought the song suited the high-pitched styles of other singers in the game, who I feel coulda done it even better. Regardless, the single is now an official OVO Sound single on iTunes, as seen below, and to put the icing on the cake, Drake brought out Makonnen tonight in the ATL. Video of that is below as well.

Sidebar: Makonnen is the dude to the right of Drake in the lead photo. (I googled him to make sure)