Trey Songz ‘Intermission I & II’

Trey Songz is at it again with a surprise drop. After a 6-track EP, Intermission, last month, he releases the second half of it for a complete new album on iTunes today.

6 more tracks on Intermission II arrive then for those who are already caught up. One of them features Pusha T and ultimately proves my favorite of the bunch. Listen to it all below.

Trey Songz ‘Intermission EP’

Trey Songz is the latest to pull off the surprise release as, with no indication whatsover, lets loose a quick 6-track EP titled Intermission.

It’s all solo and all R&B as after a live show interlude, Trey slows it down for 5 songs that’ll make longtime fans happy. This is all a premise for Trigga: Reloaded, which now has a June 23rd release date as well. Appreciate the new music, Trey. Feels like it’s been a minute since last summer.

Early *TIBS FAV. — “Talk About It”. It’s all real solid, but this one stood out to me the most on first-run through. Great lyrics, story, and production that reminds me of Passion, Pain, & Pleasure era.

Listen: Trey Songz ‘Intermission EP’