theWHOevers “NYNM”

theWHOevers celebrate the release of a so fresh so clean new website — — with a brand new tune for your chill vibes playlist: “NYNM”. Both J. Arthur & DotKom do their thing with the verses and even share some local love throughout (I am now instantly craving some Maxwell’s hot dogs.) Maybe also because it’s 2pm and I haven’t eaten lunch yet.

Anyway, the beat also rides smoothly with the outro standing out and inspiring a repeat listen. J. Arthur put another nice one together there. Enjoy and find out more about “NYNM” below, accompanied by more amazing photo edits/artwork from @KnowPassion up top.

*Tibs Fav.

ICYMI: theWHOevers “BOUNCE” [Music Video] | J. Arthur f/ DotKom “What’s It Gonna Be?”

theWHOevers f/ JustWise “BOUNCE”

With a song titled “BOUNCE”, and theWHOevers using numerous ways to include the word, it’s only natural that they get some dope cars bouncing up and down for the video. Fresh visuals for a solid tune that has memorable one-liners from J. Arthur, DotKom, and guest emcee JustWise respectively. Directed by George Sol.

Dan Kanvis “Never Too Much” f/ theWHOevers [Music Video]

Dan Kanvis (formerly DK) is an artists of several talents. He is the curator of the monthly Heavy Rotation event series at Tonic Room. He’s also a dope emcee that delivers us his latest visual “Never Too Much” as Kavis makes his directorial debut. The SpazzbotEXE production is a laid-back, and easy going track that you can vibe and is also a great summertime anthem as we transition into the fall.This is also the first single to Dan Kanvis’ forthcoming project “Windows”.

J.Arthur f/ DotKom “What’s It Gonna Be”

Get this now for your end of summer playlist, simply put.

Together, J.Arthur & DotKom make up theWHOevers, whom you’ve most definitely seen across these pages since the duo formed. Today, they join forces yet again but for something separate: J.Arthur’s upcoming solo EP, black&white.

Even just a few seconds in, you’ll have the lightbulb moment as to why because we find J.Arthur, rapper/beatsmith, harmonizing over an addicting guitar melody, soulful horns, and a “hey hey hey!” sample that gives “What’s It Gonna Be” a hip hop edge. Barrio Lopez produces this instant sound for summer vibes with J.Arthur telling that good R&B tale. DotKom appropriately rocks a smooth guest verse to wrap things up, which now sounds in greater contrast compared to his partner-in-crime. I dig the fit and am on repeat listens already. Lookin’ forward to where else J.Arthur explores both sonically and visually for black&white. Keep it locked.

*Tibs Fav.


theWHOevers “Babygirl”

I was a huge Aaliyah fan before her passing and still am a follower of her music till this day. When I first heard theWHOevers project Ridin’ Waves I salivated at the fact that they had made a track as an homage to the great R&B singer. Today theWHOevers drop the visuals to “Babygirl”, a track produced by D.jbari.