Linsanity 2.0 – Redefining Success

I’ve been a long subscriber to Jeremy Lin’s few and far between YouTube videos. The man is understandably busy, but I always appreciate when he puts in the time to put out a quality production, whether it’s a hilarious comedy skit or a motivational, spiritual, and personal look at himself.

This week’s newest video falls in the latter category.

Simply put, this video speaks to anyone who feels that the obstacles in front of them are winning. That the hard work isn’t paying off. For anyone who feels doubt creeping in.

You see, Jeremy has felt the same. Simply because he hasn’t been the same in his career since Linsanity with this past season with the Lakers probably his most inconsistent year of his last three. Because Lin’s been open about his struggles this season, that were also evident in his on-court confidence at times, I knew this story. That’s why his narration carries so much weight… and that’s on top of this intense and fun-looking beach workout.

Lin always ends with a Bible verse and this one hit home to me too. The video concludes to work harder than ever before and trust the process and God. This grounds the motivating video even more.

(Oh, and “Linsanity 2.0”?! Is Lin embracing the Linsanity moniker after the past few years of rejecting it? I think that would only help his mojo as he finds a new team this summer.)

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The Jeremy Lin x Lecrae Connection

I caught wind of a new story on Bleacher Report this week aligning with the release of Lecrae‘s new album, Anomaly, that explained the full connection between the spiritual rapper and one of the NBA’s more openly spiritual stars, Jeremy Lin. I remember seeing something on social media awhile back where one was shouting out the other, so I wasn’t surprised at the connection, just intrigued and then impressed at their story.

Essentially, J-Lin turned onto Lecrae’s music via his brother’s suggestion of “Prayin’ For You”. This came at a time just before Linsanity when Lin was struggling with the Golden State Warriors and making 3 trips between the NBA and the D-League. Lin cited this time as “one of the low points in my life,” and then found the inspiration in “Background.” Lin summarized the message by saying, “Letting God take the lead, surrendering my life to him and letting him work through me.”

This was the start of their connection, but it wasn’t until Linsanity came and went until Lin and Lecrae met in Houston. The story is a great one that shows the character of Lecrae and I’ll let Bleacher Report take it away from here.


As for the present-day, Lin was amongst many sports stars who supported the #Anomaly campaign and now that I’ve sat with the album this week, I can say that I’m fully in on the campaign too. The album starts off strong, with track 01 “Outsiders” being an early top-tier favorite, but as I was expecting the album to falter, it never really did. Lecrae delivers a variety of thought-provoking positive messages over some polished trap sounds — a successful move given the current rap climate’s gravitation towards trap. I’m personally not into the trap sound like most, but I do appreciate the approach and lyricism more than anything else. So, needless to say, check out Anomaly, in addition to what’s linked above!

adidas announces Jeremy Lin signing

It was revealed last week, and today officially announced by adidas: Jeremy Lin has signed a new deal to join the three stripes (successfully pulling a Kanye by switching from Nike). adidas should have included the parenthesis as part of their press release (snippeted below) as an extra jab to their competitor. Or at least a Jeremy Lin pun, because it’s 2014 and I’m still not tired of them, especially a quality one like their hashtag above. Missed opportunity, dah well. Says Lin,

I’m really excited to join the adidas family. They’ve changed the game with new technology and style and I can’t wait to be a part of it.

Lin will be featured in a variety of upcoming adidas marketing initiatives and will play a role in the development of basketball footwear and apparel.

Seriously speaking, this seems like a great merge for Lin and adidas, as the company has already built brand loyalty in China with the T-Mac’s during the Tracy McGrady/Yao Ming era. Now, in addition to his teammate Dwight Howard and his immense popularity in Asia, I can see a full Jeremy Lin x adidas takeover in the Orient. Money will be made, and hopefully through a signature shoe (Dame Lillard needs one too now, adidas…)