Jhene Aiko explains “groceries” line

Jhene Aiko had one of the most ear-catching lines of the summer on Omarion’s hit single “Post To Be” with her and Chris Brown featuring. You all know it by now.

And now we get the explanation… as Jhene goes grocery shopping, of all things, with MTV’s Rob Markman. I dig the experience style of interview that added some intrigue to not only hearing from Jhene about the line but what sorts of actual groceries she buys. Remember, artists are real people too so we’ll have things like grocery shopping in common. Enjoy this fun, light hearted interview above.

Jhene Aiko “Eternal Sunshine” (BTS)

Earlier this month, Jhene Aiko premiered an emotional new video for “Eternal Sunshine” that saw her reenacting the nearly tragic car accident she was involved in with her sister Miyoko, daughter Namiko, and Namiko’s father O’Ryan. Everyone survived and a couple years later, Jhene revisited the turning point for her art.

Below is a pretty close look via Billboard, narrated by Aiko, of the making of the video and the mental obstacles that she surely overcame to create the video.

We reenacted the car accident that I was in. I’m ascending from my body. I basically died in this video. Miyoko and Nami, my sister and my daughter… I got them to reenact their parts. I wasn’t driving in the real accident, but for the sake of the video I am. I was in the backseat.


Jhene Aiko “Eternal Sunshine”

The latest video off her debut album, Souled Out, takes a heavy turn as one of my favorite songs off the album “Eternal Sunshine” focuses on a couple of majorly traumatic events of Aiko’s life. The scene that plays out is her 2013 car crash that left her with a broken arm I recall and also injured her daughter Namiko, sister Miyoko, and the father of her daughter, O’Ryan. Additionally, we see footage of her late brother Miyagi who passed away from cancer in 2012. The solemn emotions in the video add a new layer to the audio. Jhene fans, you’ll feel this and respect her artistry even more I suspect. Watch below.

*Tibs Fav.

Jhene Aiko on Snoop Dogg’s GGN

Catching up on my Snoop Dogg GGN, his latest episode features Jhene Aiko and the two talk for a good 18 minutes here on a lot of music and some fun topics in between. Jhene gives the lowdown on “The Worst”, her 3 recent Grammy nominations, and how she started and learned music. And then I thought it couldn’t get funnier when they started talking about girl scout cookies, but Snoop’s rapid fire questions at the end brought about a hilarious realization for the host.


Snoop didn’t know what a pet peeve was. Haha! I don’t know how the #ParksFarewell is going to top the farewell to this episode above.

Omarion f/ Jhene Aiko & Chris Brown – “Post To Be”

When was the last time Omarion was on the music scene? And nah Love and Hip Hop Hollywood don’t count. Well, Maybach O is back and has enlisted Jhene Aiko and Chris Brown on his new hit “Post To Be”. The video is simple in nature (except for the girl lotioning up her possibly ashy skin with gold baby lotion) and really captures Jhene Aiko’s goofy side. All in all, I’m sure everyone is flocking just for her and maybe Chris Brown.

Jhene Aiko “Spotless Mind”

Jhene Aiko delivers a new music video today off her Souled Out album and it’s for a fan favorite, “Spotless Mind”.

Playing her male lead is the father to her daughter, O’Ryan (Omarion’s brother) and the two have a fun-filled day in L.A. Watch and see how that progresses and note the nod to Wes Anderson’s everything has to be centered cinematography. (You will catch on fast, to see Jhene in all her outfits.) Directed by Jay Ahn.

Nicely done video for this smooth, chill record that I now have stuck in my head once again. Success!

Jhene Aiko “Wading”

Jhene Aiko is looking as good as ever in her new video off a Souled Out fave of mine, “Wading”. The sultry audio gets the matching visual from a revealing Aiko (with a snakey friend), but as she stuns for the first half of the video, there’s also a story that develops into a surprise twist ending. This last third of the video stands it apart even more so stay tuned through to the end. I don’t want to spoil it, but I can’t help but mention that the timing of its release is pretty appropriate from an awareness standpoint with the Bill Cosby controversy continuing to pile up.

Updated with the newly upped uncut version. Produced by her beau, Dot Da Genius.

ALSO: Jhene Aiko is on tour now