BBHMM Barbershop Quartet

I lowkey love barbershop quartets. Jimmy Fallon and Joesph Gordon-Levitt actually have their own quartet apparently, The Ragtime Gals, and they covered Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money” in fantastic fashion last night below. The lyrics, the layers of the voices, everything. Even if you’re not a Ri-Ri fan or of that single, you’ll appreciate this:

Miguel on Jimmy Fallon

Miguel was Jimmy Fallon’s latest musical guest last night and curiously chose “Simple Things” — a Wildheart bonus — to perform amidst the superb neon light setup he had. It’s a strong song and refreshing to hear him move on to the next single perhaps. Excellent performance, per usual.


He also played a game earlier in the show with fellow guests Benicio Del Toro and Jessica Alba. I like when Fallon does this… when have all these people been together? And on top of that the games are always entertaining. This one’s “Long Story Short”.

To cap a busy day, Miguel appeared at a NYFW performance from Rita Ora and they did a duet of “Coffee”. Will update if video surfaces.

History of Rap 6 (Fallon & Timberlake)

The bromance continues as Jimmy and Justin reunite for History of Rap 6 and ICYMI you gotta check it out above. Of course they mix in classics and current hits. I won’t spoil too much, but there’s some ‘Ye & Jay, Kendrick, Drake, R. Kelly, and even Fetty Wap. JT puts down a pretty damn good impression too.

Later in the show, Fallon brought back the Lip Sync Battle as well and his opponent was none other than Ellen. Jimmy does the whip x nae nae and Ellen channels some BadGalRiRi.

After the taping this afternoon, Fallon & Timberlake went down to the US Open to watch Roger Federer advance to the semifinals. During a changeover, they were put on the video board and went into and impromptu “Single Ladies” dance. Entertaining stuff from these guys all day, huh.

Justin Bieber with The Roots on Fallon

BieberMania is back in full force with his VMA mini-comeback this past Sunday cementing his new single.

He does that further during his takeover of Jimmy Fallon last night. He performs said single “What Do You Mean?”, both for real with The Roots, and as a country ballad. The cool points for me come with his freestyle with Black Thought. Enjoy that, the drum-off with Questlove, and more below.

Vince Staples f/ Jhene Aiko on Fallon

Vince Staples gets a fresh look on the new Jimmy Fallon last night and he brought along Jhene Aiko who performed “Lemme Know” with The Roots providing some live instrumentation as well. ICYMI last night, watch the performance above.

Lauryn Hill on Jimmy Fallon

Lauryn Hill was last night’s musical guest on Jimmy Fallon and she performed her Nina Simone tribute “Feeling Good”, one of her 6 contributions to the Nina Simone tribute album. Watch Lauryn’s few and far between appearance on national TV above.