Big Sean “One Man Can Change The World” on Jimmy Fallon

Much respect to Big Sean with the song choice and the heartfelt dedication preface to his late Grandma on tonight’s Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

This is one of the best songs off Dark Sky Paradise and Sean took the stage to deliver some substance, inspiration, and relatability to the late night audience likely hearing this for the first time. Adding to the emphasis on the words is the subtle, and minimal piano melody that will stick with you just as much as the message. Sean caps it off with a brief, yet again inspiring message to the public that you can be anything you want to be. Cliche, sure, but true and fitting with the song. Give this a good look below.

And if you’re wondering that’s Rose Byrne and LL Cool J along with Jimmy and Big Sean as they also played Pictionary for the fun, late night game below.

Finally, I also suppose a Big Sean post today should warrant mentioning of the official announcement… that he and Ariana Grande have broken up, with reps citing conflicting tour schedules that would keep them apart for a long time. Take it for what it is, but they were cool while it lasted.

Ludacris w/ The Roots “What’s Your Fantasy (Acoustic)”

“What’s Your Fantasy” was a go-to, silly, feel-good song back with the high school homies. In fact, I go way back with Who Dough (fun fact!) and I vividly remember this song blarin’ from his Jeep once.

That’s neither here nor there, except maybe to show our collective age, but the song gets a breath of fresh air last night as Luda performed the classic single, acoustic style with help from The Roots. Pretty awesome on paper, and pretty awesome in GoPro (!) video form above.

ICYMI: Ludacris ‘Ludaversal’ (Album Stream)

Pharrell & Jimmy Fallon as an 80s R&B group

This also happened on Late Night last night. Pharrell & Jimmy Fallon as an 80s R&B group and it’s actually pretty believable.

In the serious sit-down, Pharrell also talked about working on Missy Elliott’s next album. Happening for sure now.

Wale ‘The Album About Nothing’ (Album Stream)

Wale’s Album About Nothing is out today and with it comes the official Spotify stream (not on the Tidal wave just yet…)

I’m curious to check out that SZA feature as well as some of these visuals that Wale’s been putting out. “The White Shoes” is the newest one, and “Girls On Drugs” with The Roots on last night’s Fallon is also below.

1. “The Intro About Nothing”
2. “The Helium Balloon”
3. “The White Shoes”
4. “The Pessimist” (Feat. J. Cole)
5. “The Middle Finger”
6. “The One Time In Houston”
7. “Girls On Drugs”
8. “The God Smile”
9. “The Need To Know” (Feat. SZA)
10. “The Success”
11. “The Glass Egg”
12. “The Bloom (AG3)”
13. “The Matrimony” (Feat. Usher)
14. “The Body” (Feat. Jeremih)

ICYMI: “The Summer League” f/ Kanye West & Ty Dolla $ign

Ludacris with The Roots on Fallon

The hip hop on Late Night continues this week as this time The Roots are paired with Ludacris, who debuts “Grass Is Always Greener” off the upcoming album, Ludaversal. Bonus note: “Grass Is Always Greener” is produced by Chicago’s own Da Internz.

GZA with Tom Morello & The Roots on Fallon

While the Chef was in London with Kanye, GZA was on Jimmy Fallon with Tom Morello & The Roots performing “The Mexican” — a remake of Babe Ruth’s 1972 song. B-boy legend Crazy Legs closes out the performance to the heavy guitar riffs, thereby completing one of the more unique Tonight Show performances as of late (and that’s saying something.) Watch below ICYMI last night.