Common f/ Jhene Aiko on Jimmy Kimmel

The Nobody’s Smiling tour continues and invades the Jimmy Kimmel Live stage as Common tabs young artists on the rise Jhene Aiko & Vince Staples for their guest spots on “Blak Majik” and “Kingdom”, respectively.

“Blak Majik” got the airtime tonight and I love the song choice for the nationally televised affair, which is first and foremost unlike anything that usually airs on TV, amirite? Common and Jhene set the mood by saying no words (below), then Com delivered with the high energy he saves for the last song of his concerts. Jhene tapped into her J Hennessy rap alter ego for her show stealing bars and after that, it was a wrap. Loved the dancers in front of them too, just wish there was more.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 4.37.24 AM

Below, “Kingdom” gets the shine with Common and Vince Staples spitting their different perspectives from being a father and a youth, respectively. These were two hard songs for Common to pick and perform live due to the ever-changing fast pace, but all things considered, he rapped everything pretty clearly. Maybe it’s TV, but perhaps his voice could have even popped more? But whatever the case, both performances are well-worth your look here.

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Trey Songz on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Trey Songz was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to celebrate the release of his sixth album, Trigga. And in addition to the performances you may expect, Trey came out earlier in the show to explain the lyrics to “Na Na” with Jimmy Kimmel in a segment called “New Lyrics for Old People”. It was thoroughly hilarious and I think RapGenius now has some formidable competition, ha! “Na Na” in full, and “Foreign”, are below.

Amazing Jam Session Guys x Jimmy Kimmel

An inspiring reminder of why we love music!

And it’s brought to us by an unlikely source: Jimmy Kimmel Live, who orchestrated the above jam session after a video of three strangers outside a supermarket went viral to 8+ million views. Their spontaneous jam session caught the attention of Kimmel, who invited the trio to L.A. to perform on the big stage. Little did we know, they were about to be joined by Kimmel himself, Guillermo, Dicky, Cleto and the Cletones, a gospel choir, and surprise guests Trey Songz, Juicy J and Aloe Blacc. What follows is actually goosebump inducing: a surprise mix of people and styles with the impromptu element of the jam session alive as each person joins. Aside from Juicy’s raps being a little out of place, I thought this was awesome all the way around.

Quite the catchy tune too: Tell ’em that I just don’t know, know, know..

Pharrell on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Pharrell was last night’s guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live and in addition to performing “Come Get It Bae” (which I’ve heard ad nauseum with TNT on every night), he also sat on the couch for an interview. The best part of the interview was him telling the story of receiving a call from Michael Jackson during the studio session with Justin Timberlake for “Girlfriend”. P tells it well and it was definitely a fun, unexpected story that had P actually unknowingly hang up on Michael a couple times.