Morris Day & the HAIM “Jungle Love”

For those in the 20-something generation like myself, when you think of Morris Day & the Time is it really wrong to instantly think of Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back?

Because that’s what I thought of when I saw that the band was performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live as part of his new Mashup Mondays series that combines 2 bands into 1 cleverly titled new band. Last night it was Morris Day & the Time with HAIM… wait for it… Morris Day & the HAIM.

I love puns and I approve this one. I also approve their performance of “Jungle Love”, which found the girls swinging and shuffling along as well. Funky.

Celebs Read Mean Tweets: Music Edition #2

Everyone loves Jimmy Kimmel’s Celebs Read Mean Tweets series and with the Grammys now less than a week away, here’s a music-only edition with hip hoppers like Drake, Childish Gambino, Wiz Khalifa, and Iggy Azalea in the mix with a lot of other big-name musicians.

My favorite of those 4: Wiz’s mean tweet was pretty funny.

Childish Gambino on Jimmy Kimmel Live

The late nite circuit was great for hip hop last night. Hit the previous post for Joey Bada$$ on Fallon and scroll below for Childish Gambino’s 2-song performance of “Sober” and “3005”.

Both songs are catchy and great choices for the late night stage. I enjoyed Gambino’s wilin’ out as “Sober” progressed. I also enjoyed the guitar solo at the end, and the timpani making a powerful appearance in “3005”. Note the timpani.

Bobby Shmurda “Hot Boy” on Jimmy Kimmel

The song of the summer is not dead!

Bobby Shmurda and the Shmurda Team invaded Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to perform “Hot Boy” and the video is above ICYMI.

Lowkey, I pressed play to see if Shmurda would toss the hat. How does he not toss the hat???

Wiz Khalifa on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Wiz Khalifa was not only last night’s musical guest, but also one of Jimmy Kimmel’s sit-down interviews. This part intrigued me the most as he first talked about a habit he’s known for and then plays an entertaining game of “Dem Boyz or Not Dem Boyz?”. Watch it all below.