#GWHHPremiere: Howie Stackz x Jofred Estilo “Ask Coach K”

You over today’s hump yet? If not, don’t trip we got you covered. Now let your worries wonder off for a second and tune yourself to this next installment of our #GowhereYouLove series. A series in which we’ll be working side by side with rappers, singers, producers, and others to share with you the talents we feel the world should know about. Next up the #ILLCENTRAL crew. Compiled of talents from the likes of Stadium Status and Chinza Fly (among others), ILLCENTRAL looks to dominate the game and show you why they should be a household name. 

First up to bat is Howie Stackz (of Stadium Status) and Jofred Estilo (of Chinza Fly) who combine their talents over a remake of beat by SAM Gohard. On this Gowhere You Love release we catch the two MC’s tribute Gucci Mane’s infamous twitter rant, hence the “Ask Coach K” title and artwork (created by your’s truly). Both Howie and Jofred deliver hard bars over an equaly as hard instrumental. If this doesn’t wake you up to the #ILLCENTRAL movement I don’t know what will. But it will!

These ILLCENTRAL cats are the real deal. Take it from me, I’ve had the pleasure of playing the witness role over these past few months. These are some real rappers g, and soon you’ll learn. Now pay up.