Justin Bieber & Poo Bear “Hard 2 Face Reality”

Justin Bieber?! I know, I know. But “Hard 2 Face Reality” got a look from me because I did a double take on who Biebs was collaborating with: Poo Bear.

This is undoubtedly a huge look for the singer/songwriter who many of us know him from his awesome hooks on Lupe Fiasco‘s earliest albums.

To me, it’s strange to hear Bieber’s soft voice in contrast with the electric voice of Poo Bear, but I think it works on a slow jam that’s more suitable to the latter’s style than Bieber’s. Give it a listen below.


Bieber’s Bugatti.. from Birdman

For reasons beyond my knowledge, Young Money Cash Money’s Birdman has gifted the Biebs with a brand new red Bugatti.

Recently, Biebs was in the studio with YMCMB’s ย recently signed Austin Mahone.. so maybe this is why Birdman chose to make such a lavish contribution? Who knows..

I just wish I had friends that gave me random luxury cars when they feel like it.



Justin Bieber f/ Chance “Confident”

The visual has been hyped up all day and just premiered on 106 & Park. Chance‘s star continues to rise and it steps up a notch with this new collab, and now video with Justin Bieber. Chance makes his appearance in solo form, rapping and doing Chancellor things in front of some cool, Asian neon signs. His scenes are spliced in with Bieber on the hunt for his girl. What did you all think of this video… and the fact that it’s Justin Bieber and Chance The Rapper?

Justin Bieber & Kid Cudi in the studio

Some news that may have escaped you over the weekend is a new studio session by Justin Bieber. He’s not done after the new release ofย Journals, as Bieber Instagramed this photo of the moonman Kid Cudi flicking us off. Hmm, this collab should have contrasting sounds, and is one that is none too surprising to see for those that have this throwback photo engrained somewhere in their memory.

From 2011: Jay Z, Rashida Jones, Kanye West, Tyler The Creator, Aziz Ansari, Justin Bieber, & Kid Cudi
From 2011: Jay Z, Rashida Jones, Kanye West, Tyler The Creator, Aziz Ansari, Justin Bieber, & Kid Cudi