Duel: Kevin Durant vs. LeBron James

Last night was fascinating.

The MVP buzz is in full force due to Kevin Durant‘s 12-game 30-point streak, the Thunder’s best record in the West without Russell Westbrook since around Christmas, and that it hasn’t been one of LeBron‘s most statistically dominating seasons for a Heat team that hasn’t looked that dominant.

After this duel, don’t expect that buzz to die down anytime soon. The narrative is clearly in Durant’s favor on another level after he led the Thunder to a blowout W in Miami. Durant had 33, LeBron had 34, but KD had multiple shots in LeBron’s grill in what felt like an old-fashioned pickup game duel. It was refreshing to see and just icing on the cake that there was the backstory above and that it was the world’s top two players. Enjoy this highlight reel from the NBA that does it justice.

Kevin Durant game-winner vs. Hawks

How ’bout this Kevin Durant guy?

He’s playing some solid basketball as of late. 41 points tonight including this game-winner, evading the double team over the Hawks with 1.5 seconds left. He’s averaging over 37 a game in January and further enhancing the narrative for MVP this season with shots like this.