Kid Cudi tweets out album details

The newest co-star of Comedy Bang Bang! (also news this week) tweeted out some news regarding his main profession of making music. It all pertains to his upcoming album, Speedin’ Bullet To Heaven as Cudi promises a new single by the end of July and notes that it’s all guitar & bass. Hmm, I’m a little sad there’s no synths, but Cudi has proven throughout his career that he doesn’t need them, or any specific sound formula, to make a great record. Looking forward to the same with SBTH!


#FBF Kid Cudi x GWHH @ SXSW

Today’s been a Kid Cudi day for me.

It started when I had the notion to check the video above in our archives because it had been blocked for some time by one of those label copyright infringement warnings, you know those… (¬_¬)

But to my pleasant surprise, the video played and it was unblocked!

I relived the classic performance by Cudi, not only because of how he kills it, but also for sentimental reasons. It’s not just mine, but probably collectively, our favorite concert video we’ve produced of all-time.

This was a secret show for SXSW and there was a mere Twitter account to follow that would reveal the performers and location of the night… that night. I remember we were at Peter Rosenberg’s Hot 97 showcase and scanning my phone to see that it was Kid Cudi headlining and he was to go on in any minute. I gathered some of the team to make the 10 minute walk to the venue, get in, text the rest of the video crew to get here quick because it’s about to close and Cudi is already on stage. Our 3 video guys: co-founder Maks G, Teddy Waffles, and Eugene IMP roll in as seemingly the last people to be let in, then immediately split up — right, center, left respectively and hit record.

The first song: this “Cudi Zone” x “Memories” x “Day N Nite” turn-up medley before the term turn-up was invented. That’s how this happened for us and Cudi and the Austin crowd delivered a memorable, energetic relationship. Cudi always brings it live and seeing him perform in this semi-intimate, and very surprise setting, is easily a top 5 concert experience as a whole that I’ve ever covered in Gowhere history.

Alas… it’s never not fresh to bring back a classic from time to time…

The story behind Eminem’s Entourage cameo

Continuing the Entourage buzz this week is another cool feature from Complex as they interviewed Doug Ellin on 8 must-see episodes (1 from each season) that you should re-watch before you see the movie on Thursday.

Among them was Eminem’s memorable cameo in the Season 7 finale when he punched a drugged out Vinny Chase during the latter’s rock bottom freefall. How did that all come about? Here it is from Doug himself:

“I got some flack for this season, but I enjoyed it. It was a thrill to have [Eminem] on the show, he actually put some lyrics about the show in one of his songs about Entourage and Johnny Drama. Paul Rosenberg called me and said Eminem would love to be on the show, you just need to give him an idea that he likes. You get a little nervous when you have to get on the phone with [someone like] Eminem, I don’t know what he is or isn’t going to like. So I said, ‘What if Vince gets drunk and says something to you that you don’t like and you punch him in the face?’ And he goes, ‘I love that.'”

– Doug Ellin to Complex

As a bonus, I found this photo in the ole Google machine.


And I couldn’t resist posting some of my favorite looks from the Entourage Movie red carpet at the premiere from last night. Enjoy!

The boys are back. #EntourageMovie #EntouragePremiere #KevinDillon #AdrianGrenier #MarkWahlberg #JeremyPiven #JerryFerrara

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Regram from @rondarousey: With the one and only @jerryferrara @entouragemovie

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He's Ari's new assistant in #EntourageMovie, #KidCudi is here! #EntouragePremiere

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@kconnolly88, @troubleman31 and @majorgirl! #EntourageMovie

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@mistercap (Wiz Khalifa) in the house. #EntouragePremiere

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Heavyweight champion of the world @MikeTyson arrives at the #EntouragePremiere. #IronMike

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Sloan's back! The lovely @echriqui is here. #EntouragePremiere #EmmanuelleChriqui

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@mariamenounos looking beautiful at tonight's #EntouragePremiere.

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Hello, @bobsaget! #EntouragePremiere

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Brothers for life. #KevinDillon and @adriangrenier at the #EntouragePremiere! #Vince #Drama

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Regram from @mrdougellin: @russwest44 and Billy Bob at the #entouragemovie #june3

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ICYMI: Kid Cudi & Jeremy Piven cover Complex | Eminem “Phenomenal” (new song off Southpaw)

Kid Cudi & Jeremy Piven cover Complex

Chalk another striking cover to Complex with Kid Cudi and Jeremy Piven donning their June/July issue in advance of the Entourage Movie this week. In the film, Cudi will be playing Ari Gold’s assistant so it’s cool to see their dynamic pushed out in a big way as a unique part of all the Entourage promotion.

On top of that, the cover story is a nice read too as they explore their odd couple dynamic, their mutual respect, and creative passions. I particularly like how level-headed they are, stressing patience and not to take things personally in business, or in life. So this interview is a gem for its relatable substance and I suggest you hit the link for the full read. (Plus, did you know Piven is a big Biggie fan?)

Here’s a little bit of an excerpt where Kid Cudi first starts talking about music.

KC: Nowadays, anyone can make some shit in their room. It’s easy to make shit. You don’t even need a keyboard now. People make beats, become an artist overnight, and it’s like, “Where’s the hard work?” I remember me and Dot Da Genius sitting for hours, me being on him about the mix for “Day ’n’ Nite,” being like, “It’s not right. We want people to take us seriously.” We listened to Dr. Dre’s beats. We listened to Timbaland’s kicks and drums. Kanye shit—we needed to sound as professional as that. We didn’t have shit, but we approached it with professionalism. I approached it like, “We have to be over-the-top good.” I don’t think kids have that nowadays. They just throw some shit out there, throw some auto-tune on it, like, “I don’t need anybody to tell me if I’m in key. I don’t need anybody with me that has any musical ear at all.”

JP: But the music industry, isn’t it breeding that?

KC: Yeah. But for me, it works. Like, yes, keep doing all the shit you guys are doing, because all I’m going to do is the right thing, and I’m going to end up looking like the genius. Just doing what I’m supposed to do. Fucking making music. Playing the drums or playing the bass. And I hate playing the bass, bro. I’ve been playing the bass because it’s there and I don’t want anyone else to play it. I also feel like I’m at the tail end of an era. I’m the oldest. Me and J. Cole.

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 10.01.09 AM

ICYMI: Kid Cudi shares handwritten poem; also talks Entourage role in new video

Kid Cudi shares new poem; explains Entourage character

A couple new Cudi tidbits today as he first shared a deeply personal poem in the form of a handwritten note on Twitter last night. He’s one of the most personal and revealing artists I follow so this is another fascinating look at the mind of Scott Mescudi.



Yup, not a song BTW.

Also, he explains his character in the upcoming Entourage movie this week in this new feature video below. It’s been known he’s going to play Ari’s new assistant so get that full preview from Cudi himself. (I’m waiting to just watch the movie though, so much has been previewed or in the trailer already.)

#TBT Letterman Hip Hop Performances

Last night, I got home late after playin‘ basketball, then watched some basketball (thanks, Inside the NBA), then realized it’s David Letterman‘s last show!

I know there’s a great portion of the country that’s been swept up in Letterman’s much-deserved farewell tour over the last 6 weeks. I don’t fall into that category, not that I’m not a fan of Dave. I enjoy his show whenever I catch a cool celebrity or musician on there but after watching his finale show last night, I realized: Wow, he’s been such a staple for late night television, has paved the way and created new templates, and has had the biggest stars in show biz, music, and entertainment next to him on the desk at one point or another. It’s simply astounding.

After Dave signed off the air, I went down the #ThanksDave wormhole to see some cool, in the moment tributes from the likes of Seth Rogen (the coolest letter by Dave here), Jessica Alba (so cute), Big Boi, and Ben Schwartz to name a few… then landed on Complex’s Top 25 Hip Hop Performances on Letterman listicle.

My nostalgic side appreciated the next 45 minutes or so as I combed through their list and YouTube to relive or watch for the first time some of my favorites. I figured you may enjoy some of my picks, with their list having even more throwback gems. It’s only right it’s #TBT too so without further ado…

Kanye West “All Falls Down” f/ Syleena Johnson, Miri Ben Ari, and (oh yeah) John Legend (Feb. 2004)

Teased in the lead photo above, it’s College Dropout Kanye West performing one of his all-time best songs “All Falls Down” with the utmost, precise delivery and bringing the song to a new level and audience on the heels of his debut album release. If the performance wasn’t a sign to come (and oh yeah, that’s JOHN LEGEND on the piano), then Kanye posing it out at the end is definitely a sign of things to come. Ha!

One of the best things about all of these videos is Letterman’s boisterous reactions to the performances as he goes to greet the artists. Never not fun.

Tyler The Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, and Domo Genesis “Rusty” (April 2013)

The most current of the performances here and the one Complex led off with that reeled me in too. I had a moment of… was this the performance where Tyler took a selfie with Letterman? (Yup!) Still fantastic.

Lupe Fiasco “Daydreamin” f/ Jill Scott (Nov. 2006)

I remember this one vividly because in 2006 I was a college freshman still trying to make new friends at the University of Minnesota and one of my lead topics of conversation was: have you heard of this rapper Lupe Fiasco?!

Lupe on Letterman?! This felt big-time for me as a fan so you know I was tellin’ new friends and old friends back home alike to tune in or watch the video below. Plus, it was one of the first few experiences seeing a Lupe performance and it’s his presence, energy, and overall coolness like that below that contributed to me becoming the big fan I am of Lupe’s still today. Jill Scott at the end too, whoo!

OutKast “Roses” (May, 2004)

I don’t remember watching this one live and it was before the blogs so I didn’t post it either. During my run last night, I watched this “Roses” performance for the first time live and loved how they re-created the classic 50’s style music video. All the way down to “Caroline”, Fonzworth Bentley and the acted-out brawl at the end. Best part wasn’t even by Dre or Big Boi, it was Dave: “Is everyone alright over there?”

Kanye West “Love Lockdown” (Nov. 2008)

The 808s days brought Kanye back to Letterman where he performed “Love Lockdown”. I didn’t like the song too much at the time, but always loved the live performances of it. Kanye outdid himself on Letterman by really being one of the only artists to transform the stage into his own, which he’s since done on SNL, tour, wherever to go outside the box. For this one: 2 stories of tribal drummers.

Kid Cudi “Pursuit of Happiness” f/ RATATAT (Sept., 2009)

Kid Cudi’s all-out Letterman debut came just prior to the release of his first album, Man on the Moon: End of Day. A la Lupe above, this was also a big moment for me as I pushed Kid Cudi to casual fans who hadn’t yet heard of him or only knew “Day N Nite”. Reliving this one, I have an even greater appreciation for this string section, that especially shined at the end.

Michael Jordan, 23 years old, interview with Letterman (May, 1986)

I know, I know, not a performance. But in my YouTubing, I found this classic that I didn’t know existed because I wasn’t even born yet. Shortly after MJ’s 63 point game in the Boston Garden, after the Bulls were eliminated in the 1986 Playoffs, and at the genesis of Jordan’s takeover as a global icon and endorser. MJ even genuinely calls his Jordan I ugly (I think). Hah! Just a crazy throwback in the midst of all these crazy throwbacks.

Lupe Fiasco “Superstar” f/ Matthew Santos (Jan, 2008)

Lupe on Letterman again incited some of the same feelings above, this time with Matthew Santos getting the look alongside Lupe on “Superstar”. “American Terrorist” was one of my favorite tracks on Food & Liquor so to see Santos on the big stage for Lupe’s biggest hit at the time (and 1 of his 3 biggest to date) was a big deal too. Unfortunately, the Letterman greetings are cut off, but not before Lupe got in “No New World Order” at the very end.

Keri Hilson f/ Kanye West “Knock You Down” (May, 2009)

This one I was surprised to see. For one, I forgot just how big the “Knock You Down” single was (Keri Hilson was always a guilty pleasure artist of mine, too). And secondly, Kanye West making the guest appearance (and getting a little handsy at the end.) I just dug that Kanye co-signed Keri on another level with his appearance here and the performance overall was a great one. Also great: Dave’s greeting to Kanye.

Eminem & Jay Z “Renegade” (June, 2010)

Gotta end on this. I remember it being a truly big hip hop moment. It was the talk of the blogs, the talk of friends, the talk of everyone as Eminem and Jay Z performed for the first time together before their mini-Stadium tour soon after in 2010. It was cool that they performed “Renegade” since it’s long been the conclusion that Eminem killed Jay Z on his own song (true, true) and it’s really one of Eminem’s best overall efforts in his career. Oh, and it was cool that they were performing on the freaking rooftop! That made it feel even larger to me. I could keep going, but again, Complex has even more classic performances, shouts to them.


However, I couldn’t let this get away without a few highlights from the finale. My favorite was the star-studded Top 10 Things I’ve Always Wanted to say to Dave. Julia Louis-Dreyfus & Bill Murray win it for me, but they’re all so, so good.

This is how Letterman signed off… a glorious photo montage that drives home what I said at the top about how I realized just how extraordinary a run he had. You’ll enjoy a lot of these photos, no matter who you are.

And finally, I’ll end on this… ICYMI, Norm MacDonald’s standup last Friday night was equal parts hilarious and heartwarming. He genuinely breaks down and tells Dave he loves him at the very end and I couldn’t help but feel his emotions through the moment as well. Great, great stuff. Norm easily in my top 5 of favorite comedians.

Alas, hope you enjoyed the last half hour or so with all of these videos, and many more throughout the years thanks to David Letterman. #ThanksDave!