Chandler London “Ritchie: A Space Odyssey [EP]”

Chandler London unleashes a four-track imperial strike that he calls “Ritchie: A Space Odyssey”. This project has much ‘gravity’ to it, it will hold you down as Chandler continues to put out more material. Like a Kubrick ‘2001: Space Odyssey’ this project is a game changer for Chandler as he gives you a different side to his music you have not heard before. Also, like an ‘Apollo 13’, this death-defying rap space opera will leave you marveling at the evolution of Chandler London’s music since we last heard him in his last project, The Science of Sleep. The instrumentals of this project are also significant as they were taken from another space voyager, a man on the moon, Kid Cudi, from his latest project “Satellite Flight”.


More on the project from Chandler London below:

“it’s my most cohesive project since science. With that being said it’s also a concept album but more so than science was. In this ep I created my own character in Ritchie Hi-Tone Dreamer and my own universe. This project serves as an introduction to a larger concept I’ve been working on for the past six years. It follows the main character, Ritchie Hi-Tone Dreamer, as he takes off from his home planet into the depths of outer space. Throughout these four songs we follow Ritchie as he deals with killer robots, an alien princess, and the loneliness of space. These songs are produced by kid cudi and are taken from his new album satellite flight. They should be heard in order starting with space oddity, attack of the killer robots, Ritchie and Clio, and SOS.”

Tassho Pearce f/ Kid Cudi “Satellites” (prod. No I.D.)

A pleasant surprise this morning as we get to enjoy more new Cudi music. “Satellites” is a song by Hawaiian artist Tassho Pierce, who got Cudi to rhyme over this No I.D. production back during the MBDTF Hawaii sessions. The end result sees the light of day today to kick off the previews for Tassho’s upcoming LP, G.O.O.D. Company, that will also feature longtime Cud collaborators Plain Pat and Emile.

Very solid and more upbeat than I was imagining it would be. Could definitely grow on me.



Kid Cudi “Internal Bleeding” + Interview on Arsenio

Kid Cudi “Hero” f/ Skylar Grey

Kid Cudi with Russell Wilson on the set of Entourage Movie

Kid Cudi on Arsenio

UPDATE: Above, we first have Kid Cudi‘s magnetic performance of “Internal Bleeding”. He got the special treatment on the Arsenio stage with the added smoke to the empty space for Cudi to just croon deeply into the mic. I loved the transition to the second verse especially as Cudi not only sounds as raw as the studio recording, but also added some harmonies in this bridge.

Below, is his very interesting interview where he criticizes hip hop for not pushing the culture forward, passionately describes why he makes music, and even cites his influence on Drake.


[On hip hop]  I think the bragadouchio, money, cash, hoes thing needs to be deaded. Thats holding us back as a culture.

My mission statement since day one. All I wanted to is help kids not feel alone and stop kids from committing suicide.

Oh, and there’s one more quotable people are going to get riled up about… (but don’t… watch the clip below and you’ll see it’s not a shot…)

Arsenio: “If you chose to rap about the stuff you have it would be a nice little diddy”
Kid Cudi: “There would be no Drake.”


Kid Cudi on the set of Entourage with Russell Wilson, Jeremy Piven, & Doug Ellin (Pics)

Kid Cudi “Hero” f/ Skylar Grey (off the ‘Need For Speed’ soundtrack)

***One last bonus video via Arsenio’s Instagram… Cudi graciously thanking the crowd #realness


h/t Dat New Cudi

Pics: Kid Cudi in Entourage Movie

If you don’t know, now ya know… Kid Cudi will have a regular role in the upcoming Entourage Movie as Ari Gold’s assistant.

Entourage creator and producer Doug Ellin has been instagramming a few photos from the set this month, including the lead photo in the gallery above earlier today. What a powerful pic with Super Bowl winning quarterback Russell Wilson.

For any Entourage fan, Ellin is a must-follow on IG because he also spread the news that Common will have a cameo in the upcoming movie. The who’s who list will only continue to grow…