Kollateral “QP EP” Vol. 1

About a year ago I was able to meat Wax Society’s newest emcee, Kollateral. Ever since I had met Kollateral at a show, we have been homies since. I actually haven’t even heard too much music from him the past 7 or 8 months but he finally dropped some new shit. Now off the bat I can tell Kollateral wanted to do something different with releasing his new music. He releases the first volume of his “QP EP” with only 4 tracks, and as Kollateral being the stoner he is, and a quarter pound of weed is usually called a QP, he has decided to release 4 EP’s to complete the “pound” and each one only being a 4th of the full project. Now I have been told that the rest of the EP will be released through out the next year, as I think he is being smart about releasing his music so I am excited to see what he will do with the rest of the EP’s.



Kollateral “Mellow Mentality” (Official Video)

Kollateral is an artist originally from Illinois, now residing in Arizona and a member of Wax Society.  When his boy Lord Scoot came out for a visit from Illinois they had to shoot a video.  Kollateral coming in with a very dope beat that fits the title of “mellow”, with really nice drums and just an all around cool sounding beat.  This is definitely a track that a lot of people would just vibe out to.   The hook on this song really makes this song, in my opinion the hook just gives it it’s own special feel and uniqueness.






Kollateral “Nothing In Common” f/ RED

About a month ago Kollateral, an emcee from WAX Society dropped his single “Nothing In Common” Ft. RED another emcee from WAX Society.  With the first verse RED comes in immediately flowing, bringing super dope lyrics. Explaining their grind and what it is like for RED being an emcee, he really paints a picture. Next Kollateral spits the whole verse with a fast flow with a crazy nice rhyme scheme. Kollateral can spit, it’s hard not to vibe when you hear him.

Kollateral “Phoenix” (EP)

Kollateral, an Illinois native, new to Arizona dropped his EP titled “Phoenix”.  Kollateral is an MC in the group WAXX Society, with his own unique sound and flow Kollateral really showed who he is and what it is like now being an Arizona artist on this EP.  It was his first project under WAXX Society, definitely a project to listen to.