Kobe X Overcome releases tomorrow

Whoo, it’s been a great August for new basketball shoes so leave it to Nike to put the exclaimation mark on a nice month overall.

Tomorrow (the 27th) we’ll see the release of the latest Kobe X colorway “Overcome” seen in the gallery above. This is one of my favorite colorways of the signature with the grape purple, teal, and black all clashing beautifully. I also gotta cop that tee up above too.

Here’s the always motivating explanation of the namesake, via Nike:

He didn’t need to head to the line as trainers pleaded with him to head for the locker room, but he came back. He didn’t need to rehab harder than any human should have for the ‘15 season, but he came back. He didn’t need to keep training after he tore his shoulder, but he’ll come back … because one thing Kobe knows is how to overcome.

To top it off, Nike Basketball also released today the Kyrie 1 “Australia” colorway. Kyrie’s first signature gets the beautiful greens of the Australia logo and it’s by far his best colorway to date. I’m a fan of Uncle Drew, but I can’t in good conscience buy a pair of Kyries when he’s gonna go up against my Bulls again this season. Especially on a day when the Rose’s come out and look nice too. But hey, for all you Cavs and/or Aussie fans, scroll below and cop the collection.





#TBT Warriors-Cavs NBA on NBC Intro

Ah, the glory days of the NBA on NBC intro.

Of all the 90s nostalgic things you can send my way, this probably is #1.

And thanks to the always undefeated internet, you can get your NBA on NBC intro for tonight‘s Game 1 of Warriors-Cavs up above.

Can you guess what Finals Marv is actually previewing… that translates nearly flawlessly for 2015? (Answer below.)

Meanwhile, a couple more videos to get you amped…

How about the time when Steph Curry and Kyrie Irving dueled in Cleveland, pre-LeBron, down to the wire with nearly 30 points each? I hope we see some of that tonight and throughout this series.

Also, I haven’t had a chance to watch all of 286 3-pointers from Steph Curry until today. I know, I’m slacking, but here’s literally every one. (And an amazing statistical article from Grantland’s Kirk Goldsberry that makes Curry even more unbelievable.)

Answer: 2001 Lakers vs. Sixers, led by MVP Allen Iverson. Soooo is Steph Curry going to step over Matthew Dellavedova after a corner 3 tonight? That’s one random thing I’d bet on. I’d also bet on the Warriors… in 5, let’s be bold.

Bulls Show 133: LeBron Again

David Zavac of FearTheSword.com joins Nillz to preview the Bulls second round series with the Cavaliers. Listen to them discuss the impact of Kevin Love’s absence, analyze the Kyrie Irving/Derrick Rose match-up, and identify the keys for each team to advance.


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Blake Griffin’s 3 dunks on Aron Baynes

Night 2 of the Playoffs was highlighted by Game 1 of the Clippers-Spurs series that felt more like a Game 7. The execution and pace of play were the most quality of the weekend and it was CP3 & Blake Griffin who led the Clips to victory 107-92. Paul was magnificent with 32 PTS, 7 REB, 6 AST and Griffin adding 26 PTS, 12 REB and 3 DUNKS on Aron Baynes. Whoo.

Relevant: The 2:05 mark of one of my favorite jams to drop in the past month.

Honorable Mention (for highlight of the day): Kyrie Irving shaking and baking to beat the first half buzzer.



Kyrie Irving 57 PTS vs. Spurs (Full Highlights)

The game of the year happened last night in the NBA (and nope, I’m not talking about Knicks-Lakers.)

The Cavs stunned the Spurs 128-125 in overtime as Kyrie Irving poured in a career-high 57 points (an NBA season-high) and was obviously flat out ridiculous. ICYMI, watch his full highlights above including his game-tying 3 over Kawhi Leonard that sent the game to overtime.

And check out my full thoughts on Kyrie, the true game of the year, and more over at Hardwood Paroxysm here.

Nike 2015 All-Star Collection

On the heels of yesterday’s Kobe X spotlight, we have another gorgeous new design from Nike — today’s unveiling of their 2015 All-Star collection for its athletes: Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and LeBron James.

I love the New York City inspirations for each one, starting off with Kobe’s Kobe X off the 1964 World Fair. I feel like I’d be wearing some sort of 2015 NBA Jam shoe with the all-black powerfully accented by the neon colors on the bottoms of the sides. The All-Star KD7 is based off the Brooklyn Bridge, the new Kyrie 1 is off the famous subway station at City Hall, and finally, the LeBron 12 draws a nod from one of my favorite buildings in NYC: the Flatiron Building. Nike did a wonderful job designing the backgrounds to display these shoes up above. Here they are all together too.


Look for the shoes to drop February 13th (Kobe & KD) and 14th (LeBron & Kyrie). Also peep the extra gear. The ‘NYC’ x ‘Nike’ hybrid logo and the socks are both as fire as the kicks.


Tonight in Crossovers

Watching a deadly crossover is just a wonderful experience. You know it’s coming, yet most of the time you’re like daayyymnnn, he got crossed up!

Kyrie Irving and Mike Conley were 2 for 2 in those reactions today. Kyrie up above takes the 76ers to school while below, Conley takes care of Eric Bledsoe. My favorite part: Bledsoe’s split second of acceptance. Like, he knew it too.