DJ Khaled f/ Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, & Big Sean “How Many Times”

By now, it’s pretty much a given how formulaic a new DJ Khaled single is, and today, so is the video. The self-aware DJ Khaled presents another ridiculous 30 second skit that I can easily see Aziz Ansari’s Tom Haverford character loving and then the video proceeds to showcase the ladies while the other 3 artists do their thing with Khaled minimally shouting again on the hook. Even the hook (by Brown) and verses (by Wayne, Sean, and Brown) are formulaic also — nothing new really from any of em except a little bit of a lazy flow from Sean and a combination of Future and Migos from Breezy. *shrugs* Not my style but it’ll be summer’s style for sure.

Lil Wayne & Papi rap “HYFR”

ESPN’s Highly Questionable has been money with the rap guests all year and this time, Lil Wayne joined Le Batard, Bomani Jones, and Papi out in Miami.

There are no sports opinions from Wayne on the interwebs just yet, but we do get this great outtake of Weezy and Papi rapping HYFR, substituting coughs for swear words. I got a good chuckle outta this. Hope you do too:

TBT: Rap City’s Biggest Freestyles

Here’s a fresh #TBT post for ya as I just caught wind of The Concourse’s rundown of Rap City’s Biggest Freestyles. They caught a ton of legends in or just approaching their prime so this is a fun trip down memory lane.

Included below: Backpack era Kanye, throwback jersey era Wayne, and whom this format was tailor made for: bandana era Eminem (with D12, R.I.P. Proof).

I just included those 3 — The Concourse has Snoop, T.I., Luda, Dipset, and even Destiny’s Child amongst others.