Logic f/ Childish Gambino “Driving Ms. Daisy”

The driving metaphors and imagery are at a high in this cool new collab with Logic and Childish Gambino. “Driving Ms. Daisy”, a self-produced cut from Logic, marks the start of the promo for his upcoming debut album, exec produced by No I.D. expected this fall. No confirmation if “Driving Ms. Daisy” will make it, but given the strength of the personal rhymes and Gambino’s superb guest appearance, I have a feeling it will. Logic talks about the stress he’s been under as Gambino focuses on past relationships and how they’ve changed as he’s reached fame. Listen below:

“I was actually on my headlining tour when I produced and wrote this record in one sitting,” he tells Billboard. “I was deathly sick and dealing with a lot of problems, not personal so much as business and getting the album ready. I decided to put it on a song, and the fact [that] I produced it made it feel more honest to me. I gave the listener every aspect of my mind on this matter.”

“It’s a play on the movie, where I feel like I’m Morgan Freeman driving and Ms. Daisy is my accomplishments,” he says. “I’m driving on the road of success and I’m so focused on the destination that sometimes I forget to enjoy the view along the way and the “company” in the backseat.

“I actually sent the record to Gambino for fun, more like, ‘hey, check out this song I’m working on.’ He really liked it. He liked it so much I said, ‘hell, you wanna hop on it?'” he shares. “We had talked about doing a record in the past but it didn’t pan out. Him and Fam — who he works with closely — really liked it and made it happen. He doesn’t do a lot of features so it was dope to not only do a song with the homie, but someone I’m a fan of!”

via Billboard

Statik Selektah f/ Ab-Soul, Jon Connor & Logic “Alarm Clock”

Statik Selektah’s got one on his hands here. “Alarm Clock” smartly has nothing to do with the actual noises an alarm clock makes for the production. Instead, he puts down a very chill production with a pleasing female soul sample on a quick hook that separates stellar verses from Ab-Soul, Jon Connor, and Logic in that order. I was impressed with Soul’s as I didn’t get into his album like many. Jon Connor’s stood out to the instant alliteration he put down (I always love to hear alliteration.) And Logic concluded not only the song, but his verse with some words of advice to follow your dreams. Can’t knock that at all! This is off Statik Selektah’s upcoming album, #WhatGoesAround, out August 19th.

*Tibs Fav.

Logic “Toca Tuesdays Freestyle”

The third Logic freestyle in a row on the radio as this Toca Tuesdays one may be his most impressive one yet. I particularly liked the middle stretch of this one. All of this is in prelude to what’s sure to be a big summer for the Def Jam signee.

Logic “5 Fingers of Death Freestyle”

On the heels of yesterday’s fast freestyle, Logic delivers again as he takes his first turn at Sway‘s “5 Fingers of Death” freestyle on Shade45. He kicks it off with some personal rhymes about his sister and boyfriend, which was refreshing to hear. The negative energy was heavy, but as Sway says at the end, he flipped it. Logic truly went off the top after the first set of rhymes in the second beat, as you can tell if you keep a close ear. All in all, it was a good run at the 5 Fingers, supplemented by some classic Premo beats so watch above and be on the lookout for more from the kid Logic this summer.

Logic “Showoff Radio Freestyle”

Logic recently hopped on Showoff Radio with Statik Selektah to spit this nice freestyle… times 2. That’s because at the 2 minute mark when it seems like it’s over, Logic wants the beat to keep going for another couple minutes. He makes a point of the fast-paced rhymes as not written and comin’ off the top, but with how fast and clear some of the lines are though, I think he’s had these bars ready. Nevertheless, there’s some real nice ones throughout and some repetition of “check it” and certain ad-libs like that before he delivers the next lines that indicate it’s truly off the top. Oh, and did I mention this is a DJ Premier production? Catch up with your new Logic music below.

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