Lupe Fiasco “Mazinger” f/ PJ

Another Friday, another new release off Lost In The Atlantic from Lupe! Here’s “Mazinger” featuring singer PJ with SX on the beat, which will certainly stand out from Lupe’s breathless flow. I love when rappers flex this talent, if they got it, where they can just rap and rap and rap. Lu does it with comfortable ease and the lyrical substance behind it that you’ll have to run back over and over to fully understand. I’m still on 1st listen as Lupe juuust tweeted it out at posting time. Looking forward to diving in, especially with PJ providing a great female contrast to Lu and what is the first episode of the Mazinger Z anime series in the intro/outro.

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ICYMI: Lupe Fiasco “Halie Selassie” f/ Nikki Jean (prod. Soundtrakk) + some new Lupe news in the previous post…

Lupe Fiasco “Haile Selassie” f/ Nikki Jean

UPDATE: The Cool’s holy trinity unite! The perfect way to say it, via Nikki Jean herself, as she provides the hook for Lupe’s new set of thought-provoking rhymes that reflect on history and the world. Rounding it out is Soundtrakk with the production for the 2 of 2 gems on Lost In The Atlantic.

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10.23: In case you were sleeping last night (literally), Lupe Fiasco tweeted out the new single art for “Haile Selassie”, which he says will drop tomorrow (Friday) and will feature a singer that fans have been clamoring for more for since The CoolNikki Jean. Lu & Nikki are also set to reunite over the work of a familiar production partner in Soundtrakk. Me presumes that this is a part of the Lost In The Atlantic project, and not the Tetsuo & Youth album dropping January 20th.

Get a head start on the song’s meaning by researching who and what Haile Selassie is.

Also, ICYMI: “Lilies”

Aaaand because it’s #TBT:

Lupe Fiasco “Lilies” f/ Sirah

The 1st preview of Lupe‘s new mini-project he announced this week, ‘Lost in the Atlantic’. A slick new track from the self-proclaimed “Market Leader In Lyricism & Substance” (nice.) Female vocalist Sirah laces a sweet, addicting hook. The production, filled with melodies and horns (by ROVEL) that get better as it goes, is by The Buchanans.

Per usual, Lupe is his poetic, lyrical self (the “Chaucer of the airwaves”, as he says?):

Dim the lights to set the mood for the singers
who can turn the stage into a school for the redeemers
Like an agent teaching Afghans to use a tool with the stingers
useful as a back tire to a flat tire
A bazooka’s your best friend until it backfires
Your strata needs a bunk bed ladder to climb up,
And high hopes to put this whole matter behind uuussss…

This is the end of the second verse that blends into the aforementioned sweet hook very well; the “I’ve got a problem with commitment I’d say” transition within the hook is my favorite part. And in short, I love what Sirah did to make “Lilies” complete from beginning to end. Listen/download/digest below (you’ll also hear some thought-provoking commentary on ebola at the start of the 3rd verse, with Lu cleverly rhyming as current as one can be.)

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ICYMI: Lupe Fiasco’s Tetsuo & Youth gets a release date

Alternate cover:


Lupe Fiasco new mini-project announcement ‘Lost In The Atlantic’

Yup, you’re right to assume that a new mini-project by Lupe Fiasco titled Lost In The Atlantic has a double meaning. The cover art says Atlantic Ocean… Lupe on IG says Atlantic Records…

ATLANTIC RECORDS won’t release the album until they get a “pop” single…so putting together a mini-project while they find one for me. It’s called “Lost In The Atlantic Ocean” with a bunch of my friends to stay active and happy…this a snippet called “Lilies” feat Sirah produced by The Buchannons…finishing today…

The instagram was quickly deleted, but not before LUPend dropped the info, along with the tidbit that Soundtrakk is on there producing.

Welp, I’m geeked for a new Lupe project. Seems like just the right time as we hit the last 3 months of the year. If it’s along the lines of the lyrical effort on “Pu$$y”, then I think we’ll be in good shape.

And I think I’m not the only one thinking that Tetsuo & Youth turns into a Lasers situation…

ICYMI: Lupe Fiasco & Amar’e Stoudemire executive producing AAU documentary ‘Little Ballers’