#GWHHRecap: Social-Con WINTER Fashion Show

Back at it again in Chicago. Social-Con hosted yet another fashion show. This time it was all the neccesary fashions that you need for the winter season. This time around, the crowd was even larger than last (and the Fall show was huge). Just before the show started, the place was rocking with some of the hottest music in the night life scene. As the crowd grew hugry for the show, the music started to turn up even more. The anticipation in the building was at an all time high!

Although there were many fans of this show that filled Lumen, clothing lines and many people of the fashion industry filled the venue too. As if this wasn’t enough, there were all sources of media, photographers and other companies there at the venue to learn a little bit of what fashion apparel was hot and would be sported throughout the area of Chicago and other locations of the U.S.

As the show started and the lights focused on the center stage, the crowd roared with excitement. As each model step forward to show off the winter’s fashion apparel, the crowd made sure to show love for the amazing gear that was worn along with the sway on the stage, presented by the models.

The show was a huge success. From the DJ keeping the crowd going, to the model fresh sway presented on stage, to the amazing fashions sported on the stage, I have to say that this was another DOPExHYPExFRESH event!

Big ups to all of the clothing designers, models and DJs that participated in such an amazing event. Also, big ups to the homie Marcus Shadden for host another DOPE fashion show and getting the place rocking as he kepping the crowd live as he cut it up on the 1’s and 2’s.

If you missed this show, take a look at the photo slide show above, it will give you a bit of what you missed.

Photos By: @Camcorder_Banks