Hare Jordan Collection

Gotta show some dap to the Jumpman’s newest collection that, if you’re perhaps a casual sneakerhead like myself, you’re seeing for the first time.

The timing is perfect as the “Hare” Jordan Retro 7 drops tomorrow Saturday May 16th and will be one of the most anticipated Jordan sneaker releases of 2015. The gallery above not only shows the official, detailed images but I also pulled out some of my favorites of the extensive #HareJordan collection. Oh yeah, apparel and nostalgia galore.

Few more things:

– How do you get one of those Bugs Wings posters? Need that in my future penthouse suite.

– My first pickup from the collection actually arrived today. Had to grab somethin’ new for tank season and this is instantly one of my favorite recent purchases.

Find me wearing this in Vegas in 2 weeks…

– How great is the new 30 second remake with Bugs? A: GREAT.

Gatorade “We Love Sweat”

Not all sweat is created equal…

And with Michael Jordan saying it, I believe it. Ok, idolization aside, Gatorade does spin sweat pretty well here. You’ll see why after this MJ-narrated new spot “We Love Sweat” above. Serena Williams and Usain Bolt are among the athletes shown, but some throwback footage of MJ practicing would have been a nice touch here too. (The shot of all those tennis balls on the other side of the court though was the best.)

From a branding perspective too, I love that “Keep Sweating.” mantra at the end. Hey, we can all relate to that — athletics or not, right? #HardWork

Common on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Common was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and sat down for a fun interview that talked Oprah and Michael Jordan.

Oprah of course because Common left her hanging at the Oscars in the most hilarious moment of the night (en route to his win with John Legend for “Glory”.)


Common saves face by explaining what he was thinking to Kimmel below.

He also recalls the well-known tale of being a ball boy for Michael Jordan, but Common adds a new story from those times too.

And finally, he was also on Jimmy Kimmel to promote his new movie — the first time I’m hearing about this, might I add — Run All Night with Liam Neeson and Ed Harris. Common will play an assassin contracted by Ed Harris’ character to find and kill Liam Neeson. You can see an exclusive clip of Common’s role at the end of the video above, which reveals Common doesn’t have great negotiating skills, ha! The full trailer is below. I’m in on this one. Liam Neeson and a movie-long chase scene? How can you not be?

Kobe Bryant passes MJ on all-time scoring list

As expected tonight, Kobe Bryant scored the 8 points he needed to pass Michael Jordan for 3rd on the NBA’s all-time scoring list.

Though the milestone didn’t happen at home, it did happen in poetic fashion at the free throw line. Kobe’s first points in the league were from the free throw line and tonight, he sinked the first free throw to tie MJ and another one to pass him.

In a classy move, the Timberwolves paused the game for a couple of minutes as the fans in attendance applauded, teammates and opponents gave him dap, and Wolves owner Glen Taylor presented Kobe with the record-breaking game ball. Watch it all above.

The Lakers went on to win 100-94 with Kobe leading the Lakers with 26 points.

Michael Jordan issued a gracious statement as well, as follows:

Now, I’ve grown to be a fan of Kobe, but is Kobe vs. MJ really a debate? To quell anyone pro-Kobe in the wake of tonight’s milestone, here’s a comeback stat.

That said, this is quite the accomplishment for Kobe Bryant that on its own right is one to be acknowledged, not disparaged. #Salute to the Mamba!

Lastly, in a creative marketing move by Nike, you can also cop and customize the new Nike Kobe IX “Mamba Moment” (released just a moment after the free throw).


Kemba Walker clutch shots vs. Bucks

The first double digit slate of NBA games were tonight and League Pass has their usual free trial 1st week. Between that AND the thrilling Game 7 of the World Series, it was all a lot of awesome to consume.

Starting off the night was the earliest game of the night — Milwaukee visiting Charlotte for the latter’s first official game as the Hornets again. The honey comb floor and the teal jerseys were so lovely to watch (moreso than the Knicks playing offense and defense, that’s for sure). On top of the beautiful aesthetics, the Hornets came back from 24 points in the 2nd half to force overtime, then eventually get the win.

A big reason: Cardiac Kemba!

Above, his game-tying 3 with a second remaining — a pretty, high-arcing shot that you were definitely rooting to go in, and also had the feeling that it actually was.

Below, at the end of overtime, Kemba channels his UConn stepback to beat the shot clock and ultimately win the game with 5 seconds remaining. Ice cold.

Earning that $48 million extension, huh?

This is not even the best part though. Watch the IG to see MJ’s emphatic fist pump reaction below.

UPDATE: A 2K15 superfan already, brilliantly, re-created the game-winner.


BONUS: Miami Heat rookie James Ennis with a Dunk of the Year candidate that may just hold up all season.


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