Mike Posner’s Walk Across America has begun

Mike Posner‘s Walk Across America has begun this week on Monday April 15th and as just a longtime supporter of Posner’s career, we wish him the most strength – both physical and mental – to accomplish his walk from ocean to ocean. From the Atlantic Ocean in New Jersey, culminating in the Pacific Ocean in Venice Beach, Los Angeles sometime before Christmas, Posner hopes.

The CBS story above is a great 7-minute interview and summary of the Walk, Posner’s career and personal journey to this point, and how he’s hoping to learn how to be more present in the moment. That last part is a constant battle for all of us really and I, for one, am inspired on this sleepless night at posting time to work more consciously on this myself.

No doubt that Posner’s journey will test his limits, but like he’s conquered the many challenges he’s had to this point, I don’t doubt he will this one too. God speed and see ya in L.A. 🙌

Sidebar: Listening to his latest 40-minute opus, A Real Good Kid too. 📲 Apple Music | Spotify

Mike Posner’s album pre-release drop (that’s not on the album, but is also very good)

To the longtime GWHH followers: you already know we’ve been supportive of Mike’s career since the jump, and this week, he’s hitting another milestone. Posner’s new album, A Real Good Kid, drops later this week.

While many have noted his stark physical appearance changes throughout his career, in the wake of the #10yearchallenge no less, Mike’s also had some fascinating evolution in his music. With “Noah’s Ark” and the recent video for “Move On”, Mike is as revealing, personal, and introspective as ever. You can’t help but appreciate it. And I also love how he wrote and just released this without holding onto it. Would love to see more artists drop music at a better balance like this (without all the pre-release preparation that could diminish the energy of releasing it at or close to the time of recording. I digress…) Listen above and below to catch up before A Real Good Kid.

(And oh damn. A 3.5 GPA at Duke?! Better than my 3.0 at Minnesota. 😂)


Mike Posner “Be As You Are”

Mike Posner’s comeback is already a successful one as his new Truth EP features him at his most personal and vulnerable with a stripped down acoustic sound to perfectly match.

One of the standouts is “Be As You Are”, which inspires you to be yourself and rise through your struggles. Mike reflects on times he cried to his mother in the track. In the video, he takes things another level.

Posner and a diverse cast rip apart the stigmas society places on them “bum”, fat”, “whore”, “thug”, etc. and they powerfully rip off their own clothes (NSFW) and frolic into the ocean water. In fact, one by one this stirs up a pretty moving image and drives home the message of the song… to well, “Be As You Are”. Awesome video, Mike. It’s already inspiring.

*Tibs Fav.

Mike Posner ‘The Truth EP’ set for June 22

You may recall Mike Posner‘s acoustic performance of 3 new songs last month. Well, now he’s organized it all, with 1 more track, for the studio release of The Truth EP. From what I can tell via Stereoboard, there’s a release slated for June 22nd, which will hopefully have even more personal songs like that of these 4. The new one to me was “Be As You Are” which stems from a conversation with his mother and about just being yourself and not creating a front. I am really vibing with Posner’s authenticity, writing, and simplistic sounds behind him on all of these tracks. Listen to The Truth, at least as it stands now (for instance “Iris” isn’t on here), below:


ICYMI: Mike Posner “The Voice of the Unheard”

Mike Posner premieres 3 new tracks live

Great to see Mike Posner back with some all-new solo material.

And Posner rolled out 3 new songs in a fresh fashion as he performed them live for a YouTube stream (and now above) with just him, a piano, and a guitar.

For the first 2 songs, “Buried In Detroit” and “Iris”, Mike softly played the keys while harmonizing on his personal life. In fact, that’s the theme of all 3 of these songs. We get a more honest, nothing off limits Posner who even says just that in prefacing the 3rd and final song, “I Took a Pill in Ibiza”.

This one is my early favorite of the 3, though it had an edge already because I heard Posner perform this on his mini-tour this time, last year. (Maks G’s photo review is a must-read if you’re here.) What’s coolest about this record though is the journey from beginning to end, lyrically. I just love how it naturally progresses as the song certainly backs up the quick premise that Posner gave before playing it on the guitar. Ladies, you’ll especially love the emotion that comes across through Mike up above and fellas, that doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the content as well. You can really tell this is 100% true to Mike’s self and coming from his heart. Give it a quick 15 minute run, even if it’s audio only in the background.

Naturally, we’re lookin’ forward to what happens here with Posner’s next release.

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SRH f/ Mike Posner “Got That”

I’m all for the few and far between Mike Posner appearances. Here, he laces a sweet hook for Montreal rap group SRH on “Got That” off their upcoming project, #BrokeAndHappy. Worth the listen all the way through.