Dave Kalstein: The Art of Flow

Originally published 11.14. 9:44pm *bump*

Dave Kalstein is the Co-Executive Producer and Writer of the hit series NCIS: Los Angeles and instructor utilizing the universal formulas of the Sayoc Kali Filipino Martial Arts.

In this interview, Dave talks about the Art of Flow, and how anyone can tap into their “Flow State” for increased creativity & awareness on command. He explains what it takes to be a great story-teller, and how to overcome your fears in living a life that is your highest excitement. Lastly, he touches on his experiences with ’40 Years of Zen’, a biohacking neurofeedback technology, and his realization that the process is the reward. Overall this is an interview about self-mastery, and includes many insights for all those who are on the path to knowing themselves.

You know what it is now (The Flow State), and you can tap into it. The first step is being aware that you’re in the state, and realizing that you can create it whenever you want.

— Dave Kalstein

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With Dave Kalstein at the Bulletproof Conference in Los Angeles
With Dave Kalstein at the Bulletproof Conference in Los Angeles

Filmed at the Bulletproof Biohacking Conference: bulletproofexec.com

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