A Giant Tree of Apartments

Design by: Sou Fujimoto Architects + Nicolas Laisne Associates + Manal Rachdi Oxo Architects + Frank Boutte Consultants + Rendering by RSI-Studio

Lots of thoughts happening here… in no particular order…

1. I love balconies and can see plenty that I want to peer over.

2. I hope Rush Hour 4 is filmed here. Jackie Chan can scale balcony to balcony and Chris Tucker can yell from the top one, then take the elevator down.

3. If they’re unavailable, I will happily watch a fan-made parkour video here instead.

4. “I live at the giant white pinecone.” is a fun group ice breaker.

These are the sorts of things I think about. Upon digging deeper to the tree-inspired design, there is even more genius to the progressive aesthetic. The building is seemingly efficient in every way. For instance, the balconies, while it may look like it’s placed randomly, are in fact strategically formed to provide maximum outdoor space, unobstructed views, and shade.

As one of the architects Manal Rachdi explains: 

Just as leaves in a tree are naturally arranged to get the maximum sun, we’ve mathematically arranged these balconies and cantilevers to catch and shade the sun.

He continues:

The tree is really the minimum space we can have on the site, but we have this really big extension with the leaves.

From the top oblique perspective, you can see the circumference of each floor continually increase, truly driving home the ‘tree’ effect. If anything, you typically see high-rises converge towards the top, so this is yet another reason the “Apartment Tree” is unique. It really is masterful how the architects maximized the use of the site, preserved , and precisely arranged the features to provide the most efficient economic footprint. Everything uses local renewable energy and the building also uses passive cooling strategies to reduce the amount of power needed.

The “Apartment Tree” is also a multi-versed mixed use building. You have the aforementioned apartment units (that depending on the layout could be half outdoors with a bedroom for the warm weather to boot) complimented by a restaurant/bar, offices at the base of the building, and even an art gallery.

Looks like I’ll have to let 5ABIOmatic know about The Apartment Tree… at least until we get the invite to be on set for Rush Hour 4.